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How ChowNow Used Chili Piper to 4x Their Inbound Conversion Rate

Neil Rongstand, VP of Growth at ChowNow, knew that his team needed a better method for following up with inbound leads and getting meetings on sales reps’ calendars. Before Chili Piper, the average speed to lead for an inbound meeting request was about a week. In many cases reps would get busy and forget to follow up completely. Neil and his team knew they needed a better system.

Neil and his team chose Chili Piper as the solution to their inbound conversion problem. They deployed it on their demo request page to automatically route leads to the correct AE or SDR and allow prospects to book a meeting on their calendar immediately.

Since implementing Chili Piper, ChowNow has seen their inbound close rate increase by 4x when they book through Chili Piper. Not only are leads converting at a higher rate, but the effort and cost to acquire them has gone down