How OrderMyGear Reduced No-Shows by 50%

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OrderMyGear is an online store solution for team dealers, apparel decorators and promotional products distributors, helping their customers create online stores to sell more branded merchandise online — and look good doing it.

Cole Bieser is the manager of sales and onboarding at OrderMyGear and manages 3 teams: sales development, sales executives, and onboarding success. He took over these teams in October of 2021 when OrderMyGear’s SDR Manager transitioned to a new opportunity. 

Cole asked for advice from the previous SDR Manager on the #1 thing he should do as he started in the new role. 

Their answer?

“Find us a tool to fix our inbound routing

Manual Routing, Lots of Ghosting

OrderMyGear’s biggest problem was their manual inbound process. If someone submitted a form on OrderMyGear’s website, here’s what the process would look like:

  1. User submits a form on OrderMyGear’s website
  2. HubSpot would collect the form submission and send an email to Cole
  3. Cole would go into Slack and manually determine who is up for a demo via “dibs” process
  4. Cole would update their lead routing spreadsheet acting as OrderMyGear’s round robin
  5. The rep would reach out to the prospect and hope to book a demo

…and that was only happening during work hours. If an inbound form was received on a Friday at 4:59 PM, it wouldn’t be followed up with until Monday morning. 

In a time where prospects expect instant gratification and support, OrderMyGear was losing prospects to their competitors left and right due to their speed to lead. 

Cole knew it was time to start looking for a long-term solution to their inbound woes.

“We can hire a hundred SDRs. It's not going to fix the inefficiency we have on the inbound process”

The Solution: Implement 3 Chili Piper Products to Transform the Buyer’s Journey  

When Cole heard about Chili Piper, he recognized the benefit of having Form Concierge on their website to capture interest and book a meeting with prospects in real time. 

“If you're an SDR manager and your team is doing things manually, I can promise you that you can get 5-6 extra calls an hour from each rep, which could lead to a couple meetings a day just by having Chili Piper”

Shortly after onboarding Form Concierge, OrderMyGear saw the value in optimizing their entire customer journey with Chili Piper’s Handoff solution

“ If you're an SDR and you book a meeting, you don't have to take 20 minutes to  get a Zoom link, calendar link and  email everyone involved to complete the hand off process” 

With Handoff, prospecting reps can easily hand off hot leads to the right rep instantaneously, without the usual back and forth via email.

“Everyone has loved Chili Piper from day one because it allows them to do their job.   It gives prospects and customers a professional clean experience that will elevate your brand just by having it.

Results: 50% Decrease in No Shows

Before implementing Chili Piper, OrderMyGear’s no show rate was historically 20%. When they implemented Chili Piper’s Form Concierge, Handoff and Instant Booker products, their no show rate dropped to 10%

They also saw a 10% increase in their website leads since implementing Form Concierge - which means before Chili Piper, roughly 10% of people were ghosting after their form submit. 

Chili Piper is OrderMyGear’s Inbound SDR

Chili Piper helped OrderMyGear optimize the entire buyer’s journey by allowing prospects to book a meeting directly from their webform and implementing a seamless hand-off process by routing and distributing leads to the right reps without manual work. 

“[Chili Piper] goes all the way down the funnel.  It connects with the tools you're already using. It's seamless as far as plugging into your calendar, your CRM. It's a tool that’s easy to implement. I can't imagine our life without it anymore - Chili Piper has become my inbound SDR.

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About the author
Karah Blandford

Karah Blandford is a Customer Marketing Manager at Chili Piper with a passion for fostering customer experiences that last a lifetime. She loves building experiences through every phase of the buyer journey - whether through the initial touchpoint a user has with a brand or via a retention strategy to increase customer value. Outside of work, you can find Karah reading, at the gym or at the beach! Follow Karah on LinkedIn.

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