What Does it Look Like to Burn Down Your Inbound Process? Ask Brandbassador

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Brandbassador helps consumer brands turn their customers and fans into an army of “superfans” by activating and nurturing customers who already love them.

They’re pros at turning customers into advocates… but their own customers and prospects were often neglected due to inefficient processes. 

Elliot Braund, Revenue Operations Manager at Brandbassador sat down with us for a chat on how Brandbassador rebuilt their inbound process from the ground up — and doubled their conversion rate

Let’s talk inbound: What was Brandbassador’s process like before Chili Piper?

“For inbound, we used to have a normal demo request form that every SaaS company in the world probably has on their website,” Braund said. 

Their inbound process looked pretty much like this… a demo request form on their website, a “thank you, we’ll be in touch soon” follow-up, a chain of back and forth emails to schedule a demo, and a lackluster show rate. 

“We would have prospects complete those forms, submit them, and then we would have market response reps that would reach out to the people that had submitted the form trying to book them in for a demo with our account executives.”

Spoiler alert: Chasing down leads didn’t work — there was a lot of room for improvement.

Their outbound process was just as broken.

“On the outbound side, we had spreadsheets for round robins,” Braund said. “So we would have our SDRs try and book a meeting with people. When they got a meeting confirmed they would then go to their individual spreadsheet, understand who was next in their round-robin, and then book a meeting through Google Calendar.

But their SDRs struggled to connect leads with AEs in a timely manner.

“I think the biggest challenge was just speed to lead,” Braund said. “Like how quickly can we get these prospects in front of an account executive to actually show them the product and sell the product?”

They were seeing a lot of dropoff between people submitting the form to actually attending a demo. Their account executives were often left hanging, demoralized by the number of no-shows they were getting.  

How simple integrations made a world of difference

“Outbound is super simple now,” Braund said. “We use SalesLoft — we have the Chili Piper SalesLoft integration — so whether they’re booking on the phone, they’ve got the SalesLoft button ready to use. And if they’re booking through email, they’ve got the button in Chili Piper, or Gmail, so it’s really simple for them.”

Their inbound process has also gotten an upgrade with Chili Piper. 

“On the inbound side we use Concierge,” Braid said. “So our demo request forms, our request pricing forms, basically any form on our website goes through automatic grading.” 


“[Chili Piper] really improved the customer journey at the top of the funnel for us.”

- Elliot Braund, Rev Ops Manager at Brandbassador

Being able to segment each request has had a huge impact on their buyer journey. They’re able to give prospects the best possible experience by getting them in front of the right AE at the right time for where they are in their buying journey. 

“It really improved the customer journey at the top of the funnel for us — that’s the key,” Braund said.

Chili Piper x HubSpot integration automates the pain away

They’ve also utilized Chili Piper’s integration with HubSpot.

“You know, having the HubSpot integration with Chili Piper has helped us hugely,” Braund said. “We create a deal at the stage of demo. Chili Piper sends information to custom fields in HubSpot such as what queue someone comes through, how have they booked, and has that meeting been booked successfully? If all of the correct criteria are matched, we’ll create a deal through the automation in HubSpot.”

Everything is waiting for the AE: The demo is scheduled, reminder emails are automated, and all of the information on the prospect is available and ready for them. 

There’s nothing they have to do before that first meeting. 

“It’s already set up, and it’s ready for them to run from there,” Braund said. “Removing that admin work from the AE — or someone else on the team that would have to do all the manual admin work — that’s been the real benefit to the integration.”

Want a surefire way to increase conversions and revenue? Try Chili Piper 

“We’ve seen double the conversions come through our website now,” Braund said. “We’re still using the same form but in terms of actual leads that we get to speak to at the account executive stage — we’ve doubled that.”

“In terms of actual leads that we get to speak to at the account executive stage — we’ve doubled that.”

- Elliot Braund, Rev Ops Manager at Brandbassador

“In terms of revenue, from both inbound and outbound, we’ve seen increases,” Braund said. “On the outbound level, we’ve seen a drop in no-show rates… We’ve seen more statistics than I can probably list off in a call.”

Lastly, Braund spoke to the benefits of using Chili Piper… there’s one benefit in particular that’s priceless to them — not burdening their reps with admin work and letting them do what they’re good at. 

“In terms of benefits of using Chili Piper, the main one for us is the efficiency and letting people do what they’re good at, not burdening them with admin work.”

Chili Piper has helped Brandbassador:

🧡 Double conversions

🧡 Increase revenue

🧡 Improve efficiency

🧡 Reduce admin work

Should you rebuild your process? 

Many people want to know if it’s worth it to spend the time revamping their inbound process. 

“It can be scary to go and kind of tear your process down and rebuild it with Chili Piper,” Braund said. “But once you do it — and it doesn’t take that long — once you go through it, once it’s set up the way you want it set up when you’re imagining it, it’s a life-changer.”

So, definitely go ahead. 

Definitely do it. 

Just jump in — don’t be scared.

Ready to revamp your inbound process? Find a time with our team to learn how.

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Kelli Diffenderfer

Kelli Diffenderfer is a Content Marketing Manager at Chili Piper. She is passionate about the power of words to tell stories and bring ideas to life. A Michigander at heart, she spends much of her time traveling to the mitten state, spending time outdoors and enjoying sunsets over the water. Connect with Kelli on LinkedIn.

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