Chili Piper HubSpot Integration

Instantly qualify, route and connect inbound leads in real time from your HubSpot Forms, all while automatically updating your HubSpot CRM.


Chili Piper increases your inbound and outbound lead conversion

Chili Piper integrates with HubSpot Forms and CRM to ensure smooth marketing-to-sales handoff and clean data.

Instantly qualify, route and book meetings

Concierge eliminates the waiting period and books meetings instantly when prospects complete your HubSpot web forms. Qualify and route leads in real-time based on Contact, Company, Deal, or Ticket data.

Handoff meetings in seconds

With Instant Booker, reps can instantly route and schedule handoff meetings in seconds based on HubSpot fields, including territory, company size, account ownership, and more.

Optimize email campaigns with a single link

Engage with your target audience throughout the buying process — not just when they’re visiting your site. Include smart, one click booking links in your marketing campaigns to nurture, upsell, and retain more prospects and customers, all without unnecessary form fills.

Track every contact and engagement

Eliminate manual data entry and inaccurate reporting by automatically capturing and updating engagements for every booked meeting through Chili Piper.

Key Features

Chili Piper’s bi-directional integration with HubSpot makes it easy for revenue teams to focus less on scheduling and more on meaningful work for your business.

Qualify and Route Leads

Chili Piper reads the information collected through your Hubspot form to instantly qualify and route meetings to the right rep every time.

Schedule Meetings From Forms

Concierge lets your inbound leads schedule a meeting immediately after submitting a Hubspot form.

Book Meetings, Track Engagements

Every meeting booked using Chili Piper is automatically logged and tracked as an engagement in HubSpot.

Map to Custom and Standard Fields

Chili Piper natively maps out of the box to all custom and standard fields for Contacts, Companies, Deals, and Tickets.

Ownership Based Routing

Chili Piper can easily be configured to define ownership based rules to route leads and meetings to the right rep every time.

Fairly Distribute Net New Leads

Need to route leads based on round robins, territories, industries, etc? We’ve got you covered for any type of routing situation.

Native HubSpot Integration

Chili Piper connects to HubSpot as an oAuth connected app, which means no installation is required.

Native HubSpot Integration

Chili Piper connects to HubSpot as an oAuth connected app, which means no installation is required.

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