Chili Piper vs Leandata

Easier to set up than LeanData and better for your conversion rates

You don’t have time to wrestle with a complicated lead routing and scheduling tool. Chili Piper is quick to launch, easy
to update, and better at increasing your conversion rates.

4.6 /5 stars from over 670 customer reviews on G2

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Increase conversions on more than just your demo form

Chili Piper can automate scheduling and lead routing across your entire funnel, not just your demo form.

We’re the only platform that lets you consolidate multiple tools and increase conversion rates across your website, app, review sites, sales handoff, and more.

Don't settle for basic workflows

Chili Piper can support organizations with even the most advanced lead routing and CRM workflows.

That means you can focus on increasing conversions without needing to adjust internal processes or sacrifice operational efficiency.

Integrate with more of your tech stack

Chili Piper has a broad range of integrations allowing you to connect our platform with the most important parts of your tech stack.

We make it easier for sales reps and prospects to leverage Chili Piper in the tools and channels they already use.

Lead routing

You deserve an easy to use lead routing tool

Chili Piper is built for lean marketing teams that don’t have dedicated resources to build
and maintain complex routing logic.

Chili Piper is also the only solution with: 

No APEX governor limits

We’re not built on top of Salesforce, so your routing isn’t delayed by APEX governor limits. Our routing runs in real-time.

Complete Audit Logs

Our audit logs give you complete visibility into where records are routed, when, and the criteria they met, saving you hours of troubleshooting.

Simple SLAs

Our waterfall router and rules-based engine makes it easy to set up, maintain, and track SLAs.

Reusable components

Create Rules, Teams, and Routing Flows that you easily mix and match to create new Routers. No need to start from scratch every time!

Advanced ownership logic

Get granular with account ownership, creating AND/OR logic for account owners using any custom field.


Move faster and stress less with Chili Piper

Qualify, route, and schedule leads from anywhere

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Work with any form builder

We integrate with any form builder, making it easy to plug
Chili Piper into your existing website.

LeanData is limited to just Pardot, Hubspot, and Marketo forms.

Flexible round robin

Only Chili Piper can support both strict and flexible round robin, letting you create the best experience for buyers.

LeanData only shows availability for the next up rep, which can decrease your speed to meeting.

2-click scheduling

Small details make a big difference to your conversion rates.

With Chili Piper, your prospects can book a meeting in two clicks, compared to 5 with Lean Data.

Integrate with more of your tech stack

Chili Piper has a broad range of integrations allowing you
to connect our platform with the most important parts
of your tech stack.

We make it easier for sales reps to leverage Chili Piper
in the tools they work in most.

Increase conversions
on more than just your demo form

Route and schedule meetings from links that you can put
in marketing emails.

Integrate Chili Piper with gifting platforms and G2, letting you increase conversions across multiple channels.

Start converting more leads with Chili Piper

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Revenue Hero

Choose a conversion platform that won’t hold you back

Slightly bigger investment. Much bigger impact.

More features to support your growth

See what you only get with Chili Piper

Everything you need for routing and scheduling, in a more cost-effective package

Chili Piper has been the clear choice for growing revenue teams since 2016

Customers have a really consistent and branded scheduling experience across their entire lifecycle. That’s a huge value add from Chili Piper.
Kolben Preble
Senior Marketing Manager @ Toast
[Chili Piper] goes all the way down the funnel.  It connects with the tools you're already using. I can't imagine our life without it anymore.
Cole Bieser
Manager, Sales and Onboarding @ Order My Gear
It didn’t make sense to even consider another tool. A lot of that has to do with having those amazing people to reach out to and just really trusting the product and where it’s going.
Trent Allen
RevOps Manager at Maxio




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