Chili Piper vs. Salesforce Lead Assignment for Lead Routing

Andrea Wunderlich

Are you a Salesforce user wondering if it’s time to switch to a more user-friendly lead routing solution? 

Salesforce Lead Assignment is included in all Salesforce plans and is a great tool for small businesses with basic lead routing needs.

However, most companies outgrow it and turn to a more robust solution, such as LeanData or Chili Piper’s Distro product

What is Chili Piper?

Chili Piper is an inbound conversion platform that helps you qualify leads, route them, and book meetings with the right sales reps quickly. 

Distro is Chili Piper’s lead routing solution. Its rules-based interface is intuitive and easy to use. No spider webs of routing logic here.

It also operates outside of Salesforce, meaning it doesn’t have to compete with other Salesforce operations running in the background. This means your reps get leads faster and can follow up quickly. 

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a powerful CRM popular amongst B2B SaaS companies. 

Salesforce Lead Assignment provides basic functionality for lead distribution, making it perfect for small teams with straightforward use cases but less ideal for businesses with complex lead routing scenarios (segmented round-robins, account ownership, etc.)

When to Use Chili Piper 

You have complex lead routing scenarios

Chili Piper’s Distro product is best for companies with complex lead routing scenarios. This may include account ownership, segmented round-robins, weighted distribution queues, and more. 

You need to redistribute existing leads amongst sales reps 

Distro is also helpful for redistributing existing leads in your CRM, such as redistributing "cold" leads that haven't been contacted in a while but fit squarely in your ICP. 

You can also manage Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) within Distro. No more chasing after reps so they can chase after leads. Now you can automatically reassign leads if they are not contacted within a set time interval and notify a rep.

You need to route by any standard object in Salesforce 

With Distro, you can also route any object in Salesforce, not just leads and cases. 

This is really helpful if you're looking to route accounts, opportunities, or contacts.

You need an all-encompassing solution

Chili Piper offers solutions for routing and qualifying new and existing leads and booking meetings directly from web forms, automating your inbound process from end to end.

Ready to see the magic of Chili Piper for yourself? Get a demo

When to use Salesforce Lead Assignment 

You have low lead volume and straightforward routing rules

Salesforce Lead Assignment is ideal for companies with low lead volume (less than 100 per month) or a straightforward round-robin that distributes leads evenly amongst reps. 

Pricing & Features Breakdown 

Chili Distro Salesforce Lead Assignment
Price $20/user/month Included in all Salesforce plans(starts at $25/user/month)
Route and assign inbound leads
Route any object type in Salesforce Only leads and cases
Schedule meetings from any web form 🚫
Triggers based on field change and new record creation in Salesforce Only triggers on new record creation
Lead to account matching 🚫
Round robin assignment

Ready to see how Distro can speed up your lead routing process? Get a demo

Usability comparison 

Chili Piper Interface

Salesforce Lead Assignment Interface

Backend differences 

Aside from having a cleaner interface, Chili Piper differs from Salesforce Lead Assignment because it doesn’t have to compete with other Salesforce processes running in the background. 

In Salesforce, a governor limit known as Apex CPU Limit caps Apex code and declarative tool transactions at 10 seconds. 

If the threshold is reached, Salesforce will end the transaction and not commit the changes. There is no way around the restriction as it’s hard-coded in Salesforce. 

Side note: You can see which transactions are using the most CPU time by viewing the Analysis Perspective in the Debug Console. From there, you can troubleshoot your open transactions to determine what processes need to be edited. A Salesforce Admin will still need to make edits to the identified areas in order to resolve the governor limit issues.

This means more time elapsed between lead routing and assignment, which means slower lead response times for your team. 

Distro conducts all assignments outside of Salesforceand then simply commits the changes to Salesforce meaning its operations don’t compete with other backend operations, and the Apex CPU governor limit doesn’t apply.

What people are saying in the wild 

Source: G2 Crowd 

Source: G2 Crowd

The Bottom Line

Salesforce Lead Assignment is a wonderful (and free!) tool for small teams or companies with simple lead routing needs. To support more complex lead distribution scenarios, check out Distro by Chili Piper. 

If you have more questions about which solution is right for you, talk to a Chili Piper rep and get a demo of Chili Piper.

About the author
Andrea Wunderlich

Andrea Wunderlich works in market intelligence and strategy. A former SDR, she understands first-hand the problems that Chili Piper solves — and the power of the Inbound Conversion movement. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and fur-kids.

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