How Withum Books More Qualified Meetings Using Chili Piper

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We chatted with Tanina Khanuja, Digital Marketing Director at Withum, about how they integrated Chili Piper into their sales and marketing tech stack to improve their lead conversion. 

Withum is a tech-driven advisory and accounting firm that helps businesses stay agile and strong in today’s complex environment. 

The firm was seeking a solution to its siloed CRM and lead generation applications. Filling the gap between applications seemed like a daunting task for Withum, but with the help of Chili Piper, they were able to streamline their sales operations and improve marketing performance. 

Why Withum switched to Chili Piper from Calendly

Before Withum discovered Chili Piper, many of Withum’s BDRs (who they call partners) were using Calendly as a way to book meetings.

But they were facing some big challenges around their lead qualification and conversion process:

  1. They didn’t have a meeting booking process that automatically fed into Marketo, which pushes data into their CRM. Without that integration, their business development team had to manually follow up with leads to set up meetings. By the time they’d reached out, the lead would have gone cold.
  2. They also needed a way to qualify leads upfront. That way, they could avoid scheduling meetings with prospects that didn’t have enough employees, weren't in the right country, etc. 

And because Calendly doesn’t integrate with Marketo, the Withum business development team and partners were working way too hard to get meetings booked without automation. 

Withum needed an automated solution that fit its tech stack like a glove – and that’s where Chili Piper came in.

What made Chili Piper the right choice?

There were 3 reasons Withum went with Chili Piper:

1) Integration with Marketo

After searching for a lead routing and booking automation technology that integrated with their tech stack (Marketo), Tanina realized that Chili Piper was a no-brainer. 

Unlike Calendly, Tanina’s team found it much easier to sit the Chili Piper code behind their Marketo forms. And instead of having to rely on their BDRs to add it to CRM, the integration with Marketo allowed everything to happen automatically and seamlessly.

2) Increased form conversions with Form Concierge

After implementing Form Concierge behind their top-performing lead forms, Withum started generating a lot more conversions.
Once a user clicked “submit”, the meeting scheduler immediately launched. This made it easy for prospects to instantly book a time vs. having to fill out a long form and wait for a response.

And with Handoff, prospects were ensured to be matched with the right partner at the firm for their needs.

3) One-click booked meetings with Instant Booker

Before Chili Piper, BDRs would have to go back and forth with clients and prospects over email to book a time.

With Instant Booker, that game of “email tag” became a thing of the past. Rather than booking meetings through email, leads could book their meeting right then and there. 

This saved both the BDRs and the clients they served precious time – time they could use to get down to business.

But just as importantly, it ensured that all meetings booked with BDRs made it into Marketo (and therefore, the CRM!)

The cherry on top🍒

Tanina expressed that not only was the onboarding process seamless, but the backend support from Chili Piper has been incomparable. 

“I cannot rave about them enough, we have had the best support,” Tanina said. 

Tanina went on to explain that Chili Piper didn’t sell a “product” to Withum, but a solution.

In short, Chili Piper gave Withum a solution stack that integrated with their tech stack and filled key gaps in their lead-to-meeting journey.

So… what were the results?

Withum saw two major improvements after implementing Chili Piper: 

1) More meetings – booked AND held

Since launching Chili Piper, Withum’s business development team has seen an increase in not just meetings, but in attendance from prospects.

“Before, the prospect would fill out a form and the BDR team would respond via email, and then it would kind of go silent from there,” said Tanina.

“Now, the meeting goes right on their calendar as soon as they hit “submit” on the form.”

2) Higher quality leads

Not only were they converting more leads, the quality of leads had also improved.

With Form Concierge, Withum can now use pre-qualifying questions on their forms. This ensures they don’t get meetings scheduled for unqualified prospects that don’t have enough employees, or are not in the right country, etc.

“As a result, we’ve just grown substantially and the amount of qualified digital leads as well as closed opps from our website.”

Withum continues to leverage Chili Piper’s scheduling automation tools to ensure that their lead generation is effective. 

“It’s a wonderful tool and it’s been very effective for us with lead generation. Not only from our website, but it’s been a helpful tool for our BDR team members who are trying to book meetings more effectively.”

Ready to fill your sales team’s calendar with qualified meetings? Book a call today to learn how.

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Patrick Mead is Associate Digital Marketing Director at WebMechanix. He is passionate about learning the intricacies of digital marketing and spreading his knowledge to others. Outside of work, Patrick enjoys road cycling and prefers manual driving over automatic.

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