Close more deals with one-click scheduling

Book meetings faster and log all activities in your CRM automatically.

Instant Booker

Close more deals with one-click scheduling

Book meetings faster and log all activities in your CRM automatically.

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Instant Booker automates scheduling for sales teams

Instant Booker automates scheduling for sales teams

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One-click booking through email

The average vendor response time for a demo request is 42 hours. Be better than average — connect prospects with a sales human in seconds. Embed Suggested Times and Smart Signatures in your emails to let guests schedule with one click. Much faster (and cleaner) than booking links.


Automated invites, reminders, and CRM actions

Protect reps’ calendars by only allowing leads from good-fit accounts to book time. Build custom workflows and watch every event, lead, and opportunity two-way sync with your CRM automatically.


Customize meetings with templates and tags

Create routing rules based on how you structure your sales team. Auto-sync all meeting details, follow-ups, and records to your CRM instantly. Personalize the customer experience and schedule group meetings without playing calendar tetris.


Track every interaction in your CRM

No-shows, reschedules, and meeting details are updated in real-time, eliminating the need for manual work or follow-ups.


What Instant Booker customers are saying

We use Chili Piper for all of our business units and just having everyone on one platform has really made our customer experience unique. The ease of use and the consistency for the customer has been one of the best parts.

Madeline Anderson

Business Operations Administrator
@ BuilderTrend

My favorite thing about Chili Piper is that it integrates with all of my tools; Salesloft, Salesforce, calendar, and email. When I sign someone, we have all the data, everyone can see the meetings — it's a pretty seamless process. We also work with people in different time zones and it makes that easy.

Carissa Brones

AE @ Promenade

The worst part of scheduling is how many clicks it takes to get something on the calendar. Chili Piper makes it fewer clicks for someone to work with me. Being able to book a meeting with multiple people in one click was a game-changer.

Brian Brown

Strategic Partner Manager
@ Avalara


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