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Concierge is the smart assistant
that helps your customers

Instead of making customers wait around to get an email or phone call back from their rep, Concierge gives your customers the ability to start a phone call or video conference in real time, or schedule a meeting.

Chris is calling you, please pick up your phone

All the tools your team needs to schedule meetings & start calls with customers

Check rep availability in real time

Chili Piper checks your reps calendar to see if they're available to take a call or start a video conference. If they're busy, customers only see a calendar with times to book a meeting.

Active assignees

Loop in teams and collaborate

Does this call involve the Account Manager, Product Manager, and Customer Success Rep? Group together individuals in your Chili Piper dashboard to automatically assign the same team to specific meeting types.

Restrict your team's availability

Only want to conduct trainings before lunch? No problem. Create specific meeting types that only make certain blocks of the day available.

InApp Scheduling & Real-Time Call Routing

Use Chili Piper for your current customers to enable them to schedule meetings or start live calls with the right member of your team, without ever leaving web application.

Keep record of all your interactions

Chili Piper automatically logs events into Salesforce. All notes, reschedules, and meeting details are timestamped and recorded in Salesforce for you to view.

Integrate with all your favorite tools

Tyler Larsen

Chili Piper has improved the way meetings are set and held for our team. Anything can be automated and personalized, which helps with growth. The integrations are simple and lethal making the solution easy to use and even better for leaders to have visibility. Most importantly customers love it and it makes rescheduling a breeze.

Tyler Larsen


Give your customers the VIP treatment while optimizing your reps utilization rate

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