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Improve time-to-value and reduce churn rate

Chili Piper enhances every part of your customer journey — from onboarding to renewals — with automated handoffs and easy scheduling.

Learn how modern customer teams increase customer lifetime value

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Speed up time-to-value

Chili Piper accelerates the time from contract to onboarding. We automate the sales to CS handoff, giving reps a way to instantly schedule kickoff meetings.


Increase product usage, lower churn rate

Fast and efficient onboarding means your customers can begin using your product right away. All meeting data maps to your CRM, so you have complete visibility into your adoption rates.


Fuel customer growth

We make it easy for you and your customers to add multiple people to meetings. Group booking links allow you to coordinate with many stakeholders to resolve customer risks or discuss opportunities.


Your customer’s life improves, and yours does too

While you’re busy delighting customers, we automate all aspects of your process. Meeting caps help you save time and manage capacity.


Chili Piper has helped us increase efficiency across our CS team and significantly improve our reporting for activities like customer engagement milestones, that we didn't have visibility into before.

999% increase in revenue

Jessica Harris

Best Practice & Programmes Manager (Customer Success)
 @ GoCardless

Chili Piper was a total game-changer. I manage a lot of accounts, so I book a lot of meetings. Being able to have all my different meeting types, and send customers a few suggested times over email that they can book in one click, saves me hours of having to go back and forth.

999% increase in revenue

Nina Jurczynski

Customer Success Manager  @ Conversica

Any individual in a CS organization that is trying to automate the process for assigning accounts, I would highly recommend Chili Piper. It’s really improved our productivity and allowed us to automate that whole process.

999% increase in revenue

Chloe Jillings

Manager of Customer Success
@ PatientPop



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Chili Piper integrates with your favorite marketing and sales automation software so you can get up and running quickly without changing your tech stack.

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