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Advanced event and conference scheduling tools for your sales and marketing team

With Chili Piper, it’s easy to book, manage, and track all your individual and group meetings at conferences that you sponsor

Schedule meetings for trade shows and conferences

Use Chili Piper to schedule 1-on-1 or group meetings ahead of time to be held at your next conference or trade show. You can generate one booking link only showing times available during the event that will route to attending sales reps’ calendars or a placeholder calendar to distribute later.

Set up conference rooms to avoid double booking

If your next event has specific meeting rooms, set them up in Chili Piper so all event meetings respect the rooms’ availability and guarantee you’ll never double book a room.

Easily coordinate special events with simple scheduling

Want to set up a happy hour, dinner, or special group event around a conference? Chili Piper makes it easy to create an event with one booking link you can send to all your invitees. With capacity limits, reminders, and one-click booking, it’s never been easier to set up group events.

Book meetings on the spot at the event

Instead of collecting peoples’ info and following up with people later, open up Chili Piper on a tablet or laptop and book the meeting on the spot. With Chili Piper Handoff, all meetings are routed to the right AE automatically.

Measure event ROI by integrating Salesforce

Automatically add people who schedule through an event booking link to a Salesforce campaign making it easy to report on pipeline and revenue generated from all your events.

Advanced lead qualification & distribution

Setup rules to qualify leads and route them to the right rep in real time using any combination of Salesforce fields and advanced round robin rules.

Eddie Barron

Using Chili Piper at our Dreamforce booth, we booked more meetings in a single day than the previous year's conference combined. The best part? We didn't have to chase our leads down after the conference - they had already been qualified and booked!

Eddie Barron

Head of Global Account Development @ GamEffective

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Book more meetings from events and trade shows, convert more pipeline to revenue

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