Throw away your lead routing spreadsheet

With Instant Booker your SDRs can instantly route and schedule handoff meetings in the right AE calendar every time.

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Sales teams love Chili Piper

Hear why sales teams choose Chili Piper to streamline their handoff process

"Chili Piper was the fix we needed when we started seeing success with our LinkedIn ads. The influx of leads broke our previous process, which led to hot prospects getting lost. We needed an automated way to see who was booking, and Chili Piper allowed us to do just that!"

Brian Bui

Digital Marketing Manager @ Directive

"My favorite thing about Chili Piper is that it integrates with all of my tools; Salesloft, Salesforce, calendar, and email. When I sign someone, we have all the data, everyone can see the meetings — it's a pretty seamless process. We also work with people in different timezones and it makes that easy."

Carissa Brones

Account Executive @ Promenade

"Chili Piper has helped us increase efficiency across our CS team and significantly improve our reporting for activities like customer engagement milestones, that we didn't have visibility into before."

Jessica Harris

Best Practice & Programmes Manager (Customer Success) @ GoCardless

"Chili Piper's been such a huge benefit. It helps me streamline my process around booking meetings with prospects and keeping them engaged, so I can start things off on the right foot."

Brian Cherry

Account Executive @ Tapclicks

"Any individual in a CS organization that is trying to automate the process for assigning accounts, I would highly recommend Chili Piper. It’s really improved our productivity and allowed us to automate that whole process."

Chloe Jillings

Manager of Customer Success at PatientPop

"Since we started Chili Piper it took us literally a day to see the admin time down from every single team across the board."

Alaia Schwegler

Sales Ops and Strategy @ Roofstock

Streamline your SDR-to-AE handoff

Book interested prospects now, not later

Your reps can’t afford to waste time fumbling through spreadsheets and calendars on a sales call. With Instant Booker, they can instantly route and schedule handoff meetings without changing screens.

Automatically route leads and meetings

Build intelligent routing rules that automatically assign leads and meetings to the correct rep based on a combination of Salesforce fields, including territory, company size, account ownership, and more.

Fair pipeline distribution across your team

No more playing favorites or skipping reps in the queue. Chili Piper keeps your lead distribution fair and equitable.

Easily adjust for no shows and vacations

Automatically adjust meeting assignments to keep round robin fair when reps are away or meetings need to be credited back.

Keep your CRM in check

Automatically create leads, contacts, events, and opportunities into Salesforce. All no shows, reschedules, and meeting details are time stamped and recorded to help you better manage your pipeline.

No more no shows

Reduce cancellations and no-shows with automated guest reminders and one-click rescheduling.

Connect with the tools you rely on every day

Chili Piper seamlessly integrates with your marketing and sales automation software, so you can get up and running quickly without changing your tech stack.

See what's possible with Instant Booker

Book automated meetings in Google Calendar

Easily book follow-up meetings in Google Calendar

Book multi-person meetings in one click

Automate follow-up with custom CRM fields

Capture every event detail in Salesforce

Automatically create leads and contacts in Salesforce

Book multi-person meetings in one click

Create unlimited dynamic meeting templates

Book 13x more meetings with suggested times

How to set up Instant Booker

Reduce no-shows with automated Reminders

Help your reps hit quota faster