Chili Piper Drift Integration

Integrate with Drift and book meetings with leads as you chat.


Book more meetings with website visitors right from Drift Live Chat

Integrate Chili Piper with Drift to easily schedule meetings with people right from your Drift Live Chat. Chili Piper’s advanced routing and scheduling ensures meetings are routed to the right teams and fairly distributed.

Schedule over chat

Book meetings directly from your Drift conversations. With Chili Piper you can send smart links that include round-robin or advanced routing.

Automated reminders and rescheduling

Never get stood up for a meeting again. Send automated reminder emails before your meeting and let guests easily reschedule.

Record every interaction in Salesforce and HubSpot CRM

Chili Piper automatically logs events in your CRM. All no shows, reschedules, and meeting details are time stamped and recorded to help you better manage your pipeline.

Key Features

Integrate Chili Piper and Drift and schedule meetings without ever leaving Drift.

Add Booking Links to Saved Replies

Share booking links via saved replies and let people easily schedule a meeting in your calendar.

Qualify and Route Leads

Define rules in Chili Piper that automatically qualify leads and route them to the correct rep in real time.

No-Show Management

Track meeting attendance and automatically reschedule a meeting when a prospect no-shows.

CRM Integrations

Connect seamlessly with Salesforce and Hubspot CRM through our native, two-way integrations.

Manage Availability

Help reps own their calendar with buffers, minimum notice, and daily meeting limits.

Email and SMS Reminders

Send automatic reminders leading up to your meeting with simple rescheduling links to help reduce no-shows.

Ready to light a fire under your SaaS?

Turn inbound leads into qualified meetings, instantly!