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Improves lead quality and ensures more effective follow-up and enhanced customer experience.

Find, merge, and prevent duplicates in Salesforce so you can automate routing with confidence

Duplicate Check by Plauti for Salesforce helps you save time in daily operations and improve the experience for reps and customers. By preventing duplicate records in your CRM, you can route leads to the right rep every time, streamline your sales process, and accelerate pipeline velocity with Distro.

1. Find duplicates

Approximately 25% of your records are duplicates. Use Duplicate Check to find duplicates in any standard or custom Salesforce object. Duplicate Check also works cross-object. Our selection of matching types empowers you with both exact and fuzzy matching algorithms so you can scale with confidence.

2. Prevent duplicates

Once your Salesforce is clean, you don't want duplicates to return. Duplicate Check alerts your reps in real-time when they manually enter a record that already exists and checks all inserted records for duplicates. Duplicate Check directly merges or lists the dupe for manual verification instead of blocking the creation of a dupe. It works on all entry points: manual, import, API, web-to-lead.

3. Automate and save time

When records automatically enter Salesforce through a web to lead form or a marketing automation tool like Pardot or Marketo, Salesforce will get filled with duplicates without anyone realizing it. Use Duplicate Check's Direct Processing option to merge incoming duplicate records without user interaction or place them on a list for manual reviewing.

4. Clean your Salesforce

Run and schedule jobs to check your Salesforce database for duplicates. You have finely-grained control over how to process found dupes: merge them one by one, merge a selection, or automatically merge above a threshold you set.

How it works:

  • Install Duplicate Check by Plauti from the AppExchange
  • Schedule your onboarding with Plauti
  • Set up your rules & scenarios
  • Train users

Frequently asked questions

How does Chili Piper pricing work?

All product licenses offered by Chili Piper are priced per user per month. Concierge, our flagship product, also includes a platform fee based on your monthly lead volume. Our pricing is a-la-carte to ensure fairness, which means you can purchase a mix of product licenses depending on your needs.

How do I cancel my Chili Piper subscription or trial?

Please reach out to your account manager or our support team, to cancel your existing subscription.

How secure is Chili Piper?

Protecting the data you trust to Chili Piper is our first priority. Chili Piper uses physical, logical, and technical safeguards to preserve the integrity and security of your information. Chili Piper is ISO 27001 and SOC 2 Type 2 certified. Click here to learn more.

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