Chili Piper Google Hangouts Integration

Automatically add Google Hangouts conference details to any meeting.


Connect with your future customers. Video conferencing made simple with Google Hangouts.

Integrating Chili Piper and Google Hangouts enables video conference sessions to be automatically provisioned. When meetings are booked, Google Hangouts video conference details are automatically added to upcoming meetings.

Install Concierge

Get started in minutes by inserting the Concierge JavaScript snippet into the HTML of any page with a lead capture form.

Automatically Launch Video Chat

Chili Piper Integrates with Google Hangouts so you can launch instant video conversations with prospects the moment they submit your form.

Add Google Hangouts to Meetings

Automatically create calendar invites with details like meeting title, location, description, Google Hangouts video conference details, and more.

Key Features

Automatically generate and include Google Hangouts video conference details in your meetings.

Dynamic Tags in Meeting Types and Reminders

Eliminate the need to set up and remember Google Hangouts video conference details for all your meetings and reminders.

Support for Cancellations or Rescheduling

When a meeting is canceled or rescheduled, Chili Piper automatically updates your Google Hangouts meeting with the necessary changes.

Support for Individual or Group Meetings

Each meeting creates a unique Google Hangouts session. If multiple customers book the same session, each meeting receives the same conference details.

Integrated Notifications

Integrating with Google Hangouts enables your customers to receive one confirmation with all required calendar details.

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