Chili Piper Madkudu Fastlane Integration

Reduce the number of form fields and increase the likelihood that website visitors will convert into meetings.


Shorten Form Fields and Schedule Meetings when Prospects are Most Engaged

Imagine asking for 2 form fields instead of the industry average 6-7. With Chili Piper’s Madkudu Fastlane Integration, it’s possible. And in the process, you’ll have the best-validated data to accurately route qualified meetings.

Install Concierge

Get started in minutes by inserting the Concierge Javascript snippet into the HTML of any page with a lead capture form.

Enrich Form Fields

When a prospect enters their email, Madkudu Fastlane instantly validates the data you need to route.

Qualify and Route Leads

Define rules in Chili Piper that automatically qualify leads and route them to the correct sales rep in real time.

Book Meetings Instantly

When a prospect submits your form, Concierge displays the correct rep’s calendar and lets the prospect book a meeting with one click.

Key Features

Shorten form fields and get the data you need to qualify and route with Madkudu Fastlane.

Real Time Form Enrichment

Reduce the amount of form fields displayed when Madkudu Fastlane finds a match against the email domain.

Qualify and Route Leads

Chili Piper reads the information collected through your lead capture form to instantly qualify and route meetings to the right rep every time.

Schedule Meetings From Forms

Concierge lets your inbound leads schedule a meeting with the right sales rep immediately after submitting a lead capture form.

Ready to light a fire under your SaaS?

Turn inbound leads into qualified meetings, instantly!