Chili Piper PersistIQ Integration

Book meetings from email automation campaigns directly in PersistIQ.


Seamlessly Book SDR Handoff meetings with Account Executives straight from PersistIQ.

Automate your SDR to AE Handoff process with Chili Piper’s PersistIQ Integration. Our instant booker natively integrates with PersistIQ allowing reps to schedule meetings in one click without ever leaving PersistIQ.

Install Instant Booker

Add our Chrome Extension so you can book meetings in one click from Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, PersistIQ and more.

Book meetings from anywhere

Access your personal scheduling app from anywhere to book meetings on your own calendar or a teammate’s.

Schedule over email

Share suggested meeting times over email so prospects and customers can easily book meetings in a single click.

Key Features

Connect PersistIQ and book meetings wherever you work.

Suggested Times in Emails

Embed your availability right in an email within PersistIQ and let prospects easily book a meeting with one click.

Smart Booking Links

Say goodbye to phone and email tag. Share booking links with customers that automatically route them to the correct calendar.

Set Meeting Defaults

Customize settings for meetings, including working hours, meeting length, descriptions, and conference details.

Ready to light a fire under your SaaS?

Turn inbound leads into qualified meetings, instantly!