Chili Piper + PersistIQ


Template Configuration

Add team calendar links or individual calendars to your emails with a ?id={{email}} syntax at the end (where {{email}} is your dynamic field in PersistIQ for your prospect/client’s email.

This syntax will automatically recognize your prospect and have them book a meeting in one click.

Make them a link a make sure your prospect understands they can book a meeting with you in one click:

And the link:

You can get very advanced with your calendar URLs before you send them out.


Respond to prospects from Gmail

When a prospect replies to a campaign, give him options to select from, they will be able to book a meeting in one click (you need to install the browser extension before you can see the icon in your Gmail compose screen)

When a guest reaches out with a time

Sometimes the guest already suggests some time to meet within email. In this scenario, you can click on the orange icon next to their email and book the meeting in one click. Just do it a few times – you’ll thank us later.

The time you’ll save with this shortcut will allow you to focus on more important things.


Configure your meeting templates and reminders

Chili Piper users have significantly reduced no show rates.

When you book a meeting with a prospect, make sure you have enabled reminders and reschedule URLs within your meeting templates. This will allow you to put your calendar on autopilot.

All Chili Piper meetings will allow for no show management, reassignments & smart reminders management.



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