Chili Piper Postal Integration

Postal simplifies the process of gifting to book more meetings with prospects, customers, and partners using your Chili Piper meeting link


Boost meeting acceptance rates

With the Chili Piper and Postal partnership, integrating offline experiences into outbound sales and marketing processes to book more meetings has never been easier.

Seamless booking experience for your recipient

Recipients are asked to book time on the sender’s calendar before they redeem their physical or e-gift, all within one screen for their convenience.

Book more meetings and demos

Add a Chili Piper meeting link to your Postal Gift Email or MagicLink to encourage your prospects to book time on your calendar prior to redeeming their item. This allows the recipient to view your availability and quickly book a time with you that works best with their schedule.

Land more customer testimonials

Pair your Chili Piper meeting link with a customer Thank You gift ahead of booking time with them for a case study or customer testimonial. This way it feels less like a favor and more like a genuine collaboration.

Increase survey engagement and participation

Attach your Chili Piper meeting link to a Postal MagicLink that rewards your survey participants once they book time with you for a chat.

Ready to light a fire under your SaaS?

Turn inbound leads into qualified meetings, instantly!