Chili Piper Sendoso Integration

Connect booking links with your eGift sends


Optimize prospect gifts and increase demos booked

Chili Piper's Sendoso integration makes it easy to add your Chili Piper booking link to an eGift send, encouraging recipients to schedule a meeting before accessing their gift.

Simple booking and gift redemption

Recipients have a seamless experience scheduling a meeting at their convenience, followed by an easy acceptance of their eGift. Helping you increase meetings booked while allowing your prospect to enjoy coffee or lunch while you chat.

Schedule on behalf of someone else

If you’re booking a meeting for an account executive or another team member, the integration makes it simple to add their Chili Piper link to your Sendoso send. This allows the recipient to view the AE’s availability and book quickly at their convenience.

Measure your success

Sendoso + Chili Piper reporting will show you metrics around meetings booked and conversion rates, helping you learn what is working for whom and what isn’t.

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