Chili Piper Zapier Integration

Connect Chili Piper with your revenue ops tech stack.


Easily integrate any app in your tech stack with the Chili Piper Zapier Integration.

The Zapier Platform gives your team the power to sync meetings data and configure flexible workflows with clicks-or-code. With Chili Piper’s Zapier Integration, you can easily automate any business process.

Install Concierge

Get started in minutes by inserting the Concierge Javascript snippet into the HTML of any page with a lead capture form.

Qualify and Route Leads

Define rules in Chili Piper that automatically qualify leads and route them to the correct sales rep in real time.

Book Meetings Instantly

When a prospect submits your form, Concierge displays the correct rep’s calendar and lets the prospect book a meeting with one click.

Key Features

Automate workflows and connect Chili Piper to your favorite sales and marketing tools.

Create or Update New Leads

Automatically add and update leads to your CRM when a new meeting is booked.

Create or Update Opportunities

Automatically add or update opportunities to your CRM when a new meeting is booked.

Trigger Updates to New Meetings

Send important updates to your team in Slack, email, or your favorite apps when a new meeting is booked.

Trigger Updates to Rescheduled Meetings

Quickly update meeting data and status’ when meetings are rescheduled.

Ready to light a fire under your SaaS?

Turn inbound leads into qualified meetings, instantly!