Lead distribution software combined with meeting automation

Automatically assign leads and route meetings to the right reps based on account ownership, round robin, and more

Set your lead distribution to autopilot with a scheduling app that qualifies and routes leads automatically.

How it Works:

Define rules and meeting queues

Segment your reps into specific meeting queues based around routing rules that you define.

Leads are automatically qualified and routed

Every lead is qualified in real-time and assigned to a single rep in a specific meeting queue.

Book meetings in the correct calendar every time

Only the assigned rep’s calendar is displayed for scheduling, through Instant Booker or Concierge.

Put your pipeline distribution on autopilot

See how Routing can help you automate lead assignments and increase your speed to lead.

Eliminate back-and-forth with automated lead routing

Our lead distribution software qualifies and routes leads to the right rep and serves up the right calendar every time a meeting needs to be booked.

Real-time lead qualification

Say goodbye to manually qualifying leads. Use the information collected through your web form to instantly qualify and route inbound leads while freeing your SDRs to focus on hunting new ones.

Advanced meeting routing

Build intelligent routing rules that automatically assign leads to the correct rep based on a combination of fields, including territory, company size, account ownership, and more.

Simple outbound lead handoff

SDRs can use the Instant Booker plugin to quickly assign and book meetings with outbound leads. Powered by our lead distribution system, it automatically assigns the meeting and lets them book directly in the right rep’s calendar.

Ensure fair and accurate pipeline distribution

Make spreadsheets a thing of the past and ensure even pipeline distribution across your sales team with flexible round robin routing.

Round robin routing

Ensure fair lead distribution by automatically cycling through a group of sales reps whenever a new meeting is booked.

Flexible rules and calibration

Customize your round robin setup to automatically account for cancelled meetings, no shows, vacations, and varying quotas across your sales team.

Round robin reporting

Sales managers and revenue operations can easily monitor how many meetings reps have received, how the round robin is being calculated, and who is next within a queue.

Streamline your revenue operations

Our lead distribution software helps revenue ops remove bottlenecks by automating how leads are qualified and distributed.

The most advanced lead routing + scheduling

We know lead assignment can get complex and simple round robin won’t always cut it. Our intelligent lead routing software uses rules and meeting queues to let you tailor a distribution strategy to your unique needs so meetings are assigned to the right rep every time.

Create and sync leads to Salesforce in realtime

Chili Piper has a powerful Salesforce integration, allowing you to automatically create new contacts and update Salesforce fields as meetings are booked. You can also relate meetings to cases and any custom object.

Distribution and conversion reporting

Easily monitor how meetings are being distributed and build reports in Salesforce to better understand and optimize your lead to meeting conversion rates.

Say goodbye to manually qualifying and routing leads

Increase your speed to lead, start automating your lead distribution now

We figured out how to instantly qualify and route a lead without sacrificing engagement. This was a game-changer.

15% increase in revenue

Noa Farber

Director of Marketing Automation @ Gong

As an operations guy trying to remove friction from my revenue team members' days, Chili Piper has been a big win.

15% increase in revenue

Denis Malkov

Director of Revenue Operations @ PandaDoc

Increase inbound lead conversion with these features

Real-time lead qualification

Qualify and assign leads based on Salesforce fields like territory and account ownership.

Intelligent routing

Distribute inbound meetings to the right rep every time.

Round robin assignment

Distribute leads automatically (and evenly) to your entire team.

Easy meeting handoffs

Make it easy for SDRs to book handoff meetings with the right AEs every time.

Vacation calibration

Automatically adjust meeting assignments to keep round robin fair when reps are away.

Group meetings

Easily coordinate multiple calendars to make group booking easy.

Salesforce integration

Eliminate manual data entry and cut down on admin time.

Calendar integrations

Integrate with GSuite and Outlook365 to seamlessly schedule appointments.

Demo scheduling software that integrates with your favorite sales and marketing tools

Start connecting instantly and converting more today

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