Concierge Email Conversion

Arthur Castillo

The Problem

Email marketing is a key tool for marketers to drive awareness and conversions. However, this channel has become cluttered and less effective. Even when a prospect or customer clicks an email, it doesn't facilitate a transition to next steps with your revenue team. Furthermore, it's often unclear who should handle the lead: should the customer be directed to the account management team, or should the prospect be reached out to by the sales team? This lack of clarity can hinder the email conversion process.

Spicy Use Case: 

Marketers can now create 1 click scheduling CTAs for any of the marketing emails letting any prospect or customer book time instantly when they read a marketing email. That’s right, you don’t even need to take them to a landing page. You can simply use the information you have in your CRM to route and schedule them with the proper team. This lets marketers focus on a new metric instead of just opens and clicks for emails: meetings clicked and meetings booked.

Before vs After Converting within an email campaign:

Before Form Concierge

1. Marketing team sends out email campaign

2. Prospect clicks into email link and is taken to a landing page

3. Prospect fills out the form on the landing page to speak with company

4. Marketing gets notified of form fill and distributes lead to sales

5. Sales reaches out to prospect to schedule time

After Form Concierge

1. Marketing team sends out email campaign

2. Prospect clicks into email link CTA for 1 click scheduling experience

3. CRM lookup in real-time to determine who owns account

4. Schedule of account owner based on CRM is pulled up

5. Prospect books directly into reps calendar after clicking on email link

How it works

1. Marketing creates an email campaign for a target list

2. Create a Smart Scheduling link with Chili Piper

3. Hyperlink email CTA with Smart scheduling link for 1 click scheduling

4. Prospect/Customer clicks on link within email. 

5. 1-click scheduling pop up routed to the correct team and the correct rep

Email conversions in the Wild 🐆

1. PatientPop newsletter example

PatientPop received feedback that for customers reading their newsletter, they wanted an easy way to get in touch with their account manager. So they added a CTA right at the end of their newsletter that allows a smart scheduling link to let buyers schedule based on who owns the account in the CRM.

2. Chili Piper cross-sell example 

Allow any email sent to be able to be instantly booked and routed to the proper account manager when a prospect clicks on a suggested time.

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