Concierge In App Scheduling

Arthur Castillo

The Problem

Marketing is increasingly becoming responsible for conversions across the entire customer life cycle, post-sale included, but many marketing teams are lacking clear ways of how to help drive conversions.

Many marketers’ best channel for expansion revenue or converting free users to paid is email. 

But there are other channels that are proving to be more effective, such as in-app messaging. 

This spicy use case will explore successful ways in which marketing teams have used in-app messaging to increase revenue. 

Spicy Use Case: 

Hit your customers with a relevant message while they are in your app and allow them to schedule a call with a product expert to help

a) facilitate free users and turning them into paid users or

b) helping your current customers expand use cases and products based on their product usage.

Before vs After Scheduling Leads In-App:

Before Form Concierge

1. Prospect logs into your app

2. Prospect clicks into feature that is unavailable in their current plan

3. Marketing team sends email asking if they want to explore the feature they clicked on

4. Prospect forgets what feature they mention and ignores request

5. Prospect and company only talk about new use case/feature prior to renewal

After Form Concierge

1. Prospect logs into your app

2. Prospect clicks into feature that is unavailable in their current plan

3. In-app message appears “interested in taking a look at our pro plan? Schedule a call with a product expert”

4. Prospects books a meeting at the time the feature is presented

5. Prospect upgrades from free plan to pro plan

How it works

1. Prospect logs into your product

2. Prospect explores new features or an upgraded plan

They get a message like this:

3. Prospects clicks the banner CTA, Chili Piper routes to the account owner

(or round robin if account is unassigned)

4. Prospects schedules call to talk about new plan/features right in the moment they are trying to explore. 

Instant demand capture & next steps scheduled

In-app scheduling in the Wild 🐆

1. Intuit: Discuss what pricing plan is best

Intuit knows that the buyer will have a ton of questions when aiming to select the best plan for them. So they offer an option to speak with a pricing expert right from within their app.

2. Correlated: About to hit Free Tier limit

Correlated sends a notification when a prospect is about to hit their free tier limit, encouraging them to speak with their account manager to discuss upgraded plans and tiers.

3. Upgrade CTA in-app 

As users create data contact lists in Apollo, they offer up an in-app message to access "unlimited leads" and to book time with their sales team to access the upgraded tier.

5. Deputy: Book time with an expert to unlock more free days

Deputy knows that their buyers want to 'unlock more free days' in this plan tier. They offer up an option to schedule time with an expert to discuss different plan tiers.

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