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Chili Piper vs LeanData: Which Lead Routing Software is Right for You?

It’s likely you have inbound leads coming from a variety of sources, whether leads enter the funnel from a content download, free trial signup, event registration, or another way.

With all these leads coming from so many different places, it’s difficult to keep track and make sure all priority leads are followed up within a timely manner. 

That’s where lead routing software comes in. 

Both Chili Piper and LeanData allow companies to route and assign inbound leads to the appropriate rep based on the criteria you set. 

However, when comparing Chili Piper vs LeanData, it’s clear there are key differences, and reasons you might choose one over the other. 

We’ll break down how each tool performs in different criteria. 

When to Use Chili Piper

Chili Piper is your best choice if you’re looking for an intuitive and affordable way to route any object in Salesforce to the appropriate rep. Since it’s easy to use, you don’t have to be certified in the platform to get started. 

✅ Affordable
✅ Easy to use
✅ Instant routing
✅ Excellent customer support

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When to Use LeanData

If you currently need features such as dedupe merging or advanced triggers based on computation, then LeanData may be a better choice for you. Though Chili Piper is working to build out more advanced functionality, it doesn’t currently have these features. 

✅ Advanced triggers and dedupe merging
✅ Interface will be familiar to those that have used it in the past

Chili Piper vs LeanData Pricing & Features

Chili Piper’s lead distribution software, Distro, costs $20 per user per month. LeanData does not list pricing on their site, but according to their listing in the Salesforce app exchange, costs start at $65 per user per month. 

  Chili Distro LeanData
Price $20/user/month $65+/user/month
Route and assign inbound
Route any object type in Salesforce Yes, for an
additional cost
Schedule meetings from any web form Additional
$10/user/month +
platform fee
Triggers based on field change and new record creation in Salesforce
Lead to account matching
Email and Slack notifications
Fuzzy account Coming soon
Lead to contact conversion Coming soon

Chili Piper clearly has the lower price point, so if you need to route and assign inbound leads, it’s the best option in terms of cost. 

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Chili Piper vs LeanData Ease of Use

The way you set up a router in both tools is pretty different, so which one is best for you depends on personal preference. 

Chili Piper Interface

Chili Piper has a straightforward interface, where there are two components (rulesets and teams) that make up a router. 

Here’s how it works:

With rulesets, you can create the rules that must be true for an object to be routed.

Below is how this looks in the Chili Piper app. In this example, the lead won’t be routed unless their company size is greater than 50. 

Creating a team allows you to choose who will receive the lead that is routed. You can also choose to route based on ownership or adjust the weighting of each team member so different people get more objects routed to them than others. 

Once you have your rulesets and teams, you will build the router and choose a trigger event (ex: triggering a route once a field in Salesforce is updated). Then choose from your rulesets to determine what must also be true before the object is assigned and finish with who should receive the distributions. 

LeanData Interface

LeanData’s interface looks more like a logic map. There are different “nodes” that are shaped differently and can represent a match, decision, action, etc. 

When you have a fairly simple route, the map is easy enough to follow, and looks something like this:

However, when your route gets more complicated, the map gets messy and it’s hard to know where each decision lives in order to make necessary updates. It can start looking something like this. 



People who are used to using LeanData may prefer the logic map they’re used to; however, if you’re new to both systems, Chili Piper is more intuitive.

What Customers Say

At the time this article was written, Chili Piper scored slightly higher than LeanData on review sites like G2 and Capterra. 

Chili Piper Review

LeanData Review

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, this information has helped you decide between the two options. However, sometimes it’s best to get a demo of the product to see for yourself how it would work for you. 

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