Intelligent Round Robin Assignment for Sales

Spreadsheets can be a full time job and we all know sales reps play favorites when setting up meetings. Save time and frustration by automating the process.

Set up distribution rules based on round robin, territories, account ownership,

Configure routing rules in the Chili Piper dashboard based on any rules within your sales organization.

More scalability than spreadsheets and Salesforce reports

Changes in personnel and process can be reflected in your Chili Piper dashboard immediately with a few clicks. Plus say goodbye to lead assignments through spreadsheets.

Track all changes made to the meeting in Salesforce

Track reschedules, no shows, reassignments, and more in Salesforce. All changes made within the meeting in Google, Outlook, or 365 are recorded into the SFDC event record.

Create advanced meeting distribution reports

Improve your reporting on meeting completion rates in the Chili Piper Report’s dashboard. Get a bird’s eye view from the main report or zoom in on each queue for a detailed view.

Reduce no shows

Automate reminders before the meeting to ensure your prospect does not forget.

Optimize conversions from cadences

Chili Piper integrates with your favorite sales engagement platforms to maximize meetings booked from automated cadences.

Restrict your team’s availability for specific meeting types

Only want to conduct trainings before lunch? No problem. Reserve specific blocks directly in your calendar for certain meeting types to stay on top of your day.

Designed with fairness in mind

No more bias. SDRs who book meetings only see the availability of the assigned AE based on rules configured in your Chili Piper app. Chili Piper counts the number of meetings given to each rep.

Learn how to book more meetings, faster, and with even round robin distribution amongst your sales team