Instant Booker

Multi-person meetings, booked in one click

Fix your leaky funnel with Chili Piper’s Distro. Set criteria to fairly distribute inbound leads to the appropriate rep so you never miss another sales opportunity.

Your booking link isn't cutting it. Book meetings in seconds from the tools you use every day.

How it Works:

Install Instant Booker

Add our Chrome extension so you can book meetings in one click from Gmail, Google Calendar, Salesforce, Salesloft, Outreach and more.

Book meetings from anywhere

Access your personal scheduling app from anywhere to book meetings on your own calendar or a teammate’s.

Schedule over email

Share suggested meeting times over email so prospects and customers can easily book meetings in a single click.

Don’t let scheduling slow you down

See how Instant Booker can help you save time while booking more sales conversations.

Easy appointment scheduling from wherever you work

Every meeting can now be automated, not just the ones booked by your customers. Remove unnecessary friction by using the only scheduling tool designed for revenue reps and convert more bookings into held meetings.

Book meetings from any app

Our meeting scheduler integrates with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook, Salesloft, and more, so reps can book meetings on the fly.

Suggested meeting times

Reduce clicks and convert 13x more meetings. Embed your availability right in your email to make booking a one-click process.

Smart booking links

Say goodbye to phone and email tag. Share your personal booking link and let people easily schedule a meeting in your calendar without any additional form fills.

Instant Meetings and automated workflows

Create a painless scheduling experience that eliminates no-shows and converts more leads into qualified meetings.

Meeting templates

Use dynamic Meeting Templates to automatically create and send calendar invites with details like meeting title, location, description, prospect name, conference details, and more.

 Email and text reminders

Never get stood up for a meeting again. Send automated email and SMS reminders leading up to your meetings to make sure everyone attends.

Simple rescheduling

Life happens and people need to reschedule meetings. Reduce cancellations and no-shows by providing an easy way for prospects to reschedule with one click.

Track your meetings, calls, and pipeline in Salesforce

Our robust Salesforce integration makes it easy to measure and improve meeting conversion rates. Get insights into every step of your online appointment scheduling process so you can continuously optimize it.

Automatically create Salesforce events

Eliminate manual data entry and inaccurate reporting by automatically creating new events for every meeting booked through Chili Piper’s meeting scheduling software.

Create and update contacts and opportunities

Automatically create new contacts and update Salesforce fields as meetings are booked. You can also relate meetings to cases and any custom object.

Optimize meeting conversion rates

Track every stage of the meeting process, including bookings, meetings held, no-shows, reschedules, and cancellations. Build reports in Salesforce to better understand and optimize your meeting scheduling metrics.

Automate workflows with intelligent routing

Combine meeting scheduling with automated lead routing to easily assign leads to the right reps and make meeting handoffs a breeze.

Route leads and meetings

Build intelligent routing rules that automatically assign leads and meetings to the correct rep based on a combination of Salesforce fields, including territory, company size, account ownership, and more.

Create new contacts and leads in SFDC

Our scheduling software will detect when a new prospect is not already in Salesforce and allow your reps to add them as a Contact or Lead in one click.

Simple lead handoff

SDRs can use our online scheduling tool to quickly assign and book meetings with outbound leads. Instant Booker will automatically assign the meeting and let them book directly in the right rep’s calendar.

Don’t let scheduling slow you down

See how Instant Booker can help you save time while booking more sales conversations.

With Chili Piper, we reduced our SDR meeting no show rate by over 50%, and increased our SQL rate by 33%.

15% increase in revenue

Zvi Storch

Acquisition Marketing Manager @ LawGeex

I'd rather have my reps on the phone dialing, setting up that next meeting, and closing that next deal rather than getting frustrated with where the next Excel cell needs to be filled out.

15% increase in revenue

Andrew Froning

Strategic Sales Development Manager @ Justworks

Optimize your appointment scheduling with these features

Calendar integrations

Integrate with your favorite meeting scheduling apps, GSuite and Outlook365.

Instant Booker plugin

Quickly book meetings from your favorite sales automation software.

Email + text reminders

Reduce no-show rates and have more productive sales meetings.

Salesforce integration

Eliminate manual data entry and cut down on admin time.

Meeting buffers

Create rest time before or after meetings to prevent back to back appointment scheduling.

Minimum notice

Prevents prospects from scheduling meetings without enough notice or too far in advance.

Reserved meeting times

Block specific time in your calendar exclusively for online appointment scheduling.

Simple re-scheduling

Reduce cancellations and no-shows by allowing prospects to reschedule with one click.

No show management

Track no shows right from your calendar invite and update meeting status in Salesforce.

Ownership Based Routing

Chili Piper can easily be configured to define ownership based rules to route leads and meetings to the right rep every time.

Ownership Based Routing

Chili Piper can easily be configured to define ownership based rules to route leads and meetings to the right rep every time.

Chili Piper integrates with your favorite marketing and sales automation software

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