How To Convert Free Trials Into Customers

Your prospect starts a trial on your site, but eventually runs into objections or questions they need answered. The problem is, that they don’t know who to talk to, and reps have no way of knowing when to reach out. Data shows that free trial users are 3.5x more likely to convert when they are contacted by your sales team.

What if you could route this PQL to a Free Trial Specialist to help? Convert free trials into customers, route leads quickly, and streamline your sales process.

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About Chili Piper: Chili Piper is the most advanced qualifying, routing, & booking software. Its products help demand generation teams convert more leads into attended meetings, sales teams book more demos faster, and customer success teams shorten their time to value. Companies like Intuit, Twilio, Forrester, Spotify, and Gong use Chili Piper to double their inbound conversion rates, eliminate manual lead routing, and streamline critical processes around meetings. With more than 200 employees distributed over 160 cities and 35 countries, Chili Piper has been spicing up sales since 2016.

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