SDR Superhero Episode 4: Ashley Dees @ Metadata

Meet Ashley Dees, an SDR superhero at Metadata who was recently promoted to SDR manager. We sat down with Ashley to get her top tips on how to get more meetings booked with prospects. 

What’s the craftiest way you were able to get a meeting booked?

I had been prospecting someone at a company for a while, and we were in communication via email. We actually live in the same city and he mentioned that he was going to a specific restaurant at a specific date and time. 

I called the restaurant before he got there, and gave them my credit card information so they could take care of his bill on me. He was so surprised and he was so flattered by that. He said yes, I'll absolutely, finally, take a look at Metadata. 

How do you not let people's angry emails affect you? 

Well, one thing is I always try to remind myself to be empathetic. Maybe they're going through a hard time. It's likely that they're just projecting their pain or their problems onto me, and it has nothing to do with me. 

What's the best sales advice you’ve ever received?

Well, certainly as an SDR, it would be don't oversell. This advice is especially helpful on cold calls. If you list off too many features, it's just going to overwhelm people. So it's best to just stick to one or two main features, and leave it at that. You can see if they’re interested and take things from there. 

What are your favorite tools in your tech stack? 

I use Outreach for sales engagement, and use Sendoso for direct mail and sending people fun gifts and gift cards.

But my overall favorite tool, and I’m not just saying this, is Chili Piper. It makes scheduling meetings for people so easy.

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