SDR Superhero Episode 3: Jan Mundorf @ Albacross


Meet Jan Mundorf, an SDR superhero at Albacross who was recently promoted to team lead. We sat down with him to get his top tips on how to get more meetings booked with prospects. 

What’s the craftiest way you were able to get a meeting booked?

We try to be very personalized here. I actually saw that this one prospect was reading a lot of books that I’ve also read. One of the books I already had on my shelf, so I found a passage that I like and quoted that to him. I was able to get the meeting booked! 

You want to come across as genuine and as someone that really cares because people can see right through it if you’re not. It's hard to stick out, but if you find these connections, you have to use them. Otherwise, it can be a little offensive, right? Like why would you reach out to somebody when you haven't done your proper research?

What’s your favorite successful subject line?

Just a smiley :) because it gives you space in the body and it sticks out. 

What’s the best piece of sales advice you’ve ever received? 

Three pieces of sales advice have stood out to me. First, don't take things personally. They are not rejecting you on a call. They are not getting angry at you. It’s about your profession, or what you have said, but not about you personally. 

The second one is to address them as a human, not with a title. They're humans, even though they’re CEOs and super successful. Speak to them as a human.

The last one is to have fun. It's a tough job. Everybody says it's a tough job. But with a bit of perspective in where we are right now — we are in the middle of a pandemic, so many people are unemployed — we are working with great people and get to speak to great people, have fun with it and enjoy it.

What are your favorite tools in your tech stack?

When you finally book the meeting, there's nothing cooler than Chili Piper. It's very smooth. Inbound conversions increased heavily when we implemented Chili Piper. It's very intuitive. I like the tools that are made from sales people to sales people. Companies like Outreach, or like you guys, Chili Piper. 

I use Lead IQ, which is great for contact details, and then I use Albacross of course. You can't sell a tool or sell anything if you don't use it yourself.

What advice can you give to other SDRs who want to accelerate quickly into a team lead role? 

Not everybody has to grow fast. We live in a society where everything is just, you know, better, faster, higher, more successful.

Some things take a bit more time. Try to build a framework together with your coach or your manager on things that you need to achieve to be able to transition into the next role. That way it's super crystal clear what you have to work on.

You should also connect with like-minded people. A lot of us are working in fast-growing SaaS companies. The industry is very young. So go out there and ask for advice because all of the problems that we are facing have been solved before. You just have to find the right source and the right person and actually make yourself vulnerable and share your struggles. 

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