SDR Superhero Episode 1: Phil Clark @ Guru

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I'm Phil Clark. I am an SDR over at Guru, and we are located outside of Philadelphia, PA. 

What’s the craftiest way you were able to get a meeting booked?

I prospected a guy from Airbnb for a really long time and noticed that he was an avid golfer. My account executive and I created and sent over some customized USC golf balls and golf tees. 

We used personalized messaging, “Hey, [insert prospect's name], hope that this helps you get under 80. We'd love to connect soon.”

We were able to get the meeting booked!

What’s the best response you’ve received from a prospect? 

The best response I ever got from a prospect was actually recently. I sent the prospect a customized video on LinkedIn.

He responded, “Really appreciated the video. Surely this was the best outreach I've ever received in my entire corporate life.” 

That was my favorite one. It was just a 40-second video, one take, but it was able to get his attention, and he really appreciated it. 

What’s your most effective subject line?

One of my most-effective subject lines gives the prospect a taste of what’s included in the email in order to get their attention.

So recently, I've been using the prospect's first name. So, for example, it could be “Maggie! Grab coffee on me / made you a video.” 

That just shows that there's a very personalized way to connect, which is a coffee gift card that we send through Sendoso. It's also hinting at them that it's a real person who made them a customized video.

What’s the best sales advice you’ve ever received?

The best piece of sales advice I ever received was “trust the process.” 

A lot of times in sales, it can go in cycles. It can be a temptation to stray from a process that has been shown to work, especially in prospecting. 

There'll be times where the sales aren't coming, so I try to overcompensate by leaving the process and the proven method that we have. In the long run, it ends up actually negatively affecting sales. 

So I think “trust the process” has been super helpful. Just take it one day at a time. 

What about Chili Piper are you most excited for?

We are actually going to launch Chili Piper next week.

I am more than excited to finally have Chili Piper brought on. I've been helping out and am in charge of routing all of our inbound demo requests. And that process can just be so clunky. 

Super excited to have Chili Piper come on and automate that process to make our lives way easier.


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