Chili Piper Bootstraps Past $2M ARR Attracting $3M Seed Round Led By Flashpoint Venture Capital

With more than 300 thought-leading companies using its scheduling platform including Square, Intuit and Twilio, Chili Piper plans to launch additional Buyer Enablement solutions for multiple industry sectors.

Chili Piper, the Buyer Enablement tech pioneer, announced today it raised $3 million in seed funding led by Flashpoint Venture Capital. The round will support development of new solutions focused on "Buyer Enablement" - enabling businesses to help their buyers, extending its highly successful scheduling platform used by companies worldwide.

"As investors in many early-stage technology companies in Eastern and Central Europe, and Israel, we're impressed with Chili Piper's fast growth rate and incredible capital efficiency," said Mihaly Szalontay at Flashpoint Venture Capital. "We share the firm's global vision for customer and talent acquisition and we're well positioned to assist with their recruiting efforts in Central and Eastern Europe."

Chili Piper's CEO and Co-Founder is veteran startup expert Nicolas Vandenberghe, who previously launched and sold three tech companies. "Our Concierge solution for web forms has helped our customers double their inbound conversion rates," stated Vandenberghe. "We see many more opportunities to improve Seller-Buyer interactions. We're thrilled to partner with Flashpoint to secure the right engineering talent to achieve our goals."


Chili Piper's innovative scheduling platform boosts buyer engagement by allowing qualified leads to automatically book a meeting or call after filling out a site's contact form. The solution automates the complex scheduling process across teams and departments to provide buyers with the best possible experience.

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