Announcing: Distro! Optimizing the Inbound Lead Process Has Never Been More Powerful

Maggie Aland

​​Routing and assigning inbound leads with no leaky funnel is traditionally impossible. Until now. Our new product Distro is an intuitive lead routing solution. With it, you can route and assign any inbound lead, no matter how they were sourced. Let the revolutionizing of the inbound funnel begin. 

Your leads come from a variety of sources. 

Whether it’s on your site through a web form, or from an offline source, like an event list that you've uploaded to your CRM. 

With different types of leads entering your funnel in multiple different ways, things can get messy — fast. 

It’s impossible to make sure every lead that you want to follow up with is contacted. If you want to customize the approach based on their buyer journey, forget about it. 

Until now. 

With the launch of Distro, you can route and assign any lead that enters your system. 

You create the rules to decide what makes a lead ready for follow-up, and which rep (or group of reps) on your team is best equipped to work with that lead.

Hand raisers will have the ability to book a meeting instantly, while buyers who need more of a push are automatically assigned to the appropriate sales rep. 

By ensuring that no lead that’s ready to be contacted sits untouched in your CRM, you’ll turn more inbound leads into actual revenue. 

Close the gaps in your leaky funnel

Capturing existing demand for your product or service is vital. Chili Piper allows you to connect inbound leads with a rep at the moment they’re interested. This increases your inbound conversion rates and prevents leads from falling out of the marketing funnel. 

Get your leads in front of the right reps

Chili Piper’s intelligent rules automatically route leads to the correct rep based on the criteria you set. Qualified prospects who request a demo can instantly book a meeting, while leads that aren’t quite ready for a call can be assigned for personalized outreach. 

Fair and accurate distribution, every time

Make sure every rep is getting a fair amount of leads based on your routing rules. Say goodbye to distributing leads in a spreadsheet manually. You can also account for ownership, and do lead to account matching so assigned leads in your CRM aren’t re-distributed. 

Route any object type in Salesforce

Distro can route any object type, including leads, contact, accounts, cases, and opportunities. This means we work seamlessly with your existing processes.

Get started with Chili Piper

Ready to power up your inbound lead process? Let’s chat

Note that Distro is currently only available for Salesforce users. 

About the author
Maggie Aland

Maggie is the Senior Director of Go-to Market at Chili Piper. She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University, and has been published in Investopedia, Fundera, and Fit Small Business among others.

With seven years of experience in digital marketing, her primary goal is to create the most helpful resources for growth marketers. Her secondary goal is to get Taylor Swift to agree to a content collaboration.

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