Announcing Our New Outreach Integration – A Spicy One-Two Punch for Revenue Teams

Logan Hendrickson

When it comes to accelerating revenue, meeting automation and sales engagement platforms make a killer one-two punch. 

That’s why we’re so excited to announce our new Outreach integration, a leading sales engagement platform for revenue teams. 

This integration will let revenue teams combine Outreach’s powerful sequencing and engagement tools, with Chili Piper’s meeting automation suite and CRM workflow automation. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the powerful use cases and ways your team can leverage Outreach and Chili Piper to work smarter, sell faster, and hit your revenue targets.

Embed suggested times in your emails for one-click booking

When you’re trying to secure a meeting over email, there is nothing more effective than our Suggested Times tool. This takes the classic sales approach of suggesting a few available times and transforms it into a one-click booking experience in your Outreach emails. 

Prospects can simply click whatever time works for them and the meeting is booked instantly. We ran a study and found that meeting success rates jumped by 15x when customers used suggested times vs booking links in their emails. 

That said, your smart booking link is always included as well if prospects want to find a different time on your calendar. 

Our pre-sales and AE teams rely on Chili Piper for scheduling all of their meetings. We see higher conversions when we present times to a lead vs. simply providing them with a link and making them do more of the work. Our teams work nearly 100% in Outreach so the ability for them to use Chili Piper’s suggested times feature is a must-have. The Chili Piper and Outreach integration helps our reps be more productive and successful with both tools!

  • Josh Tolan, Founder and CEO @ SparkHire

Click here to learn more about sending Suggested Times in Outreach. 

Book meetings in one click while on the phone

For most reps, Outreach is your daily command center where outbound calls are made. When you finally connect, you need a fast way to book that next meeting. 

With the Chili Piper Chrome Extension, you can easily access Instant Booker from any prospect page in Outreach. Just click the calendar icon to launch Instant Booker right inside Outreach and book an available time instantly. 

With Chili Piper’s advanced routing, you can also quickly book handoff meetings in seconds without having to chase down spreadsheets or ask your manager who to assign leads to. 

And when the meeting is booked it comes complete with an automated meeting template, reminders, and automated workflows in your CRM – it’s a fully pre-packaged meeting all booked in one click while you’re on the phone. 

Click here to learn more about using Instant Booker in Outreach

Add one-click booking links to Outreach Sequences

Your reps can include Chili Piper’s smart booking links in every email they send through Outreach. With Chili Piper’s smart data management, a prospect’s email address is automatically captured when they click your booking link. 

The result is a one click scheduling experience for your prospects. No having to fill out additional information. Reps that use these smart booking links see a 5x increase in booking success rates, which makes sense because it makes the process less painful for prospects. 

Click here to learn more about using smart booking links in Outreach

Automate follow-up in Outreach when meetings are scheduled

With Outreach and Chili Piper, you can automatically send follow-up emails when a meeting is booked. This is great for those situations where you want to prep your prospects with questions to think about, information to track down, or content to review before the meeting. 

Once someone successfully completes the booking process in Chili Piper, we make it easy to automatically trigger an email through Outreach or add them to an automated sequence. 

This is a great way to ensure everyone is prepared to make the most of the meeting and, more importantly, remembers to show up. 

Click here to learn how you can automate follow up emails in Outreach. 

Automatically end Outreach Sequences once a meeting is booked

For most sequences, the #1 goal is to get a meeting on the calendar with a prospect. With our Chili Piper + Outreach integration, once a prospect successfully converts (ie. books a meeting) you can remove them from your automated sequence. 

This is a great way to ensure that you don’t send prospects something that may seem impersonal after they’ve already booked with you. 

Click here to learn more about automatically ending sequences once meetings are booked.

Add some fire to your Outreach 

That concludes my rundown of the coolest, most impactful ways your team can start leveraging the Chili Piper Outreach integration today. 

We are thrilled to be working with the Outreach team to help revenue teams automate their meetings and create a better experience for prospects and customers. 

As a result we’re making the sales process easier for buyers and allowing reps to work smarter, sell faster, and hit their numbers. 

Learn more about our new Outreach integration here.

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