Announcing Chili Piper’s New Slack Integration

Chelsea Castle

Chili Piper has a brand new Slack integration which notifies users about booked meetings. 

More professionals are demanding Slack integrations for their software tools. Slack is where collaboration happens and where real work gets done — discussions, documents, decision memos, reports, videos. 

With the integration, you will receive real time meeting notifications directly within Slack, along with meeting details. 

What Does the Chili Piper Slack Integration Do? 

At its core, the integration is about notifying users about booked meetings, but it also serves up details about that meeting. 

Let’s break it down. 

Notifies Users 

The integration sends users notifications in Slack when meetings are booked, rescheduled, or reassigned in Chili Piper Meetings. 

Simple, but extremely useful. 

For busy sales reps or account executives, meetings are getting booked all the time. It’s essential to rapidly follow up on leads, and missing meetings poses a massive risk to a potential sale. 

The Slack integration is the failsafe, making it virtually impossible to miss a meeting. Here’s are some use cases: 

  • Chili Piper’s Slack integration notifies you when a meeting is booked via Concierge or via the your scheduling link or suggested times) 
  • You’ll be notified when someone books a meeting on your behalf using Instant Booker. For example, if an SDR is booking meetings for an AE. 
  • You’ll get a notification if an existing meeting is rescheduled or reassigned.
  • You will be notified when a hot handoff meeting is assigned
  • You will receive a notification when an instant live call is assigned

Simple notifications are helpful, but the integration provides another layer of usefulness. 

Provides Meeting Details

Each notification will include the following information

  • The date of the meeting 
  • The time of the meeting, automatically adjusted for time zone differences
  • Who the meeting is with 
  • A link to see the event in your calendar

Let’s say someone books a meeting on your Chili Piper booking link. As soon as they do so, you’ll get a Slack notification like this one:

Boom. Everything is lined up and ready to go. 

In some cases, you’ll get a hot handoff meeting. Slack will ping you this message:

Rescheduled meetings will look like this:

Every notification furnishes you with all the details you need to prep for your meeting or to review details in Salesforce. 

The Chili Piper team has been using the Slack integration internally, and it’s been a game changer. 

Who Is the Slack Integration For? 

Anyone who uses Slack and Chili Piper will benefit from the integration. It’s particularly useful for users who are booking meetings or having meetings booked for them. 

We created the Slack integration with our target audience in mind: 

  • Sales Development Representatives
  • Account Executives
  • Account Managers
  • Customer Success Managers

We’ve found that these professionals are Chili Piper power users, cycling through dozens of meetings each week. This integration will make their work lives easier and allow them to work with confidence. 

Benefits of the Chili Piper Slack Integration

When developing the integration, we had several goals in mind. We wanted an integration that made users’ workflow easier, prevented missed meetings, and inspired more confident planning and performance. 

It just makes things easy

Because of Slack’s ubiquity, receiving notifications within the platform makes it easy for sales reps, account managers, and others to hop on meetings and receive updates about changed meetings. 

Instead of switching constantly to email or your calendar to check on booked meetings, you need only to keep Slack active in order to maintain control of your meetings. 

Never miss a thing

Receiving Slack notifications means that you’re far less likely to miss anything. Whether it’s a hot handoff, a rescheduled call, or a meeting booked the day of, you’ll be ready in realtime to make the meeting.  

Imagine that you’re receiving a hot handoff. Unless you have some way of receiving that notification in real time, you could miss the call. 

Not anymore. 

Plan with total confidence

Knowing you’ll be notified when meetings are booked, rescheduled, or starting translates into a higher level of confidence as you move through your day. 

There are enough things in life to stress out over, but staying 100% on top of your meetings doesn’t have to be one of them. 

How to Use the Integration

Using the Slack integration is simple. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the Admin Center in Chili Piper
  2. Open up Integrations
  3. Find the Slack integration and click “Connect”
  4. Accept all permissions

When you’re taken back to the integrations page, you’ll see “Connected” under the Slack logo.

Get full details with screenshots here.

New to Chili Piper? Get a demo now!

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Chelsea Castle is the Director of Content Marketing at Chili Piper. A journalist turned empathy-driven marketer, she's also a concert junkie who can often be found #doingthings outside and crafting creative ways to be sustainable.

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