How to Create a B2B Thank You Page That Doesn’t Suck

Tara Robertson

In the world of B2B buying, this has become an all too familiar experience…

You go to a website, fill out a form, and then go to a thank you page informing you that someone will be reaching out “shortly”.

Like this:


Or this:


Or something like this:


To me, this is an extremely valuable moment in the buying process.

This person just gave you all their contact info and wants to learn more about your product. Why wouldn’t you want to engage them more so they’re eager to have that first conversation with your sales team?

At Chili Piper, we’re all about Buyer Enablement – helping businesses make the buying process easier for their customers.

Our customers care about the buyer journey and know that making their customer’s life easier is only going to help them in the long run.

So instead of the typical “thanks, we’ll call you when we have a minute” you’re used to seeing on a thank you page, our customers are keeping their leads engaged and giving them the ability to take the next step after requesting a demo or asking to speak with sales.

Then after their future customer has taken the next step, they deliver an awesome thank you page that (again) keeps you engaged with their company.

After scouring through Chili Piper users and going through their marketing funnels, here’s what the best ones have in common:

  1. They include social proof – customer logos, reputable places they’ve been mentioned, and people giving them love on social media
  2. They include case studies of customers who have been successful with their product or service
  3. They feature a video, either in the form of a customer testimonial or overview of the product
  4. They point people to helpful resources

Below are the top ones I compiled so you can swipe some ideas for your company’s thank you page.

(To all the companies listed here – sorry I sent a fake lead through. I know, I know – the rep who got the fake lead is cursing me as we speak.)


1. Segment

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes your user data to hundreds of tools.

Segment (staying true to their name) is super advanced with how they do lead qualification. They use Madkudu for predictive analytics to make sure people are the right fit for their business. If they meet a certain qualification threshold, they get this notification:


Then when I click on “Book Time With Us”, Chili Piper pops up and gives me the option to book a meeting with a Segment expert:


And finally, here’s the page Segment sends me to after I book a meeting:


What I like about this thank you page:

  • They have tons of customer success stories and social proof. Video, text, a stream of twitter love… they include it all on this page. Plus I can click into any of their featured testimonials to learn how other companies have used Segment to solve their data problems.
  • Segment gives people the option to start trying Segment right away, in hopes that people can start experiencing the power of their software before they even jumped on a demo. Very smart.

How to make it even better:

  • I’m stumped here. This is one of the best thank you pages I’ve come across 


2. Drip

Drip is a sales and marketing automation platform designed specifically for ecommerce.

When you go to Drip’s website, you can either test out their platform for free or you can schedule a demo.

Here’s the page they have setup for me to fill out my info for a demo:


After I submit and schedule a time that works for me, they redirect me to their thank you page:


What I like about this thank you page:

  • They give me a resource answering a pain that a lot of people who are looking for new marketing automation deal with: switching from another vendor.
  • They leave a phone number too in case I’m eager to chat with someone now.

How to make it even better:

  • Include some social proof, testimonials, or case studies to get me excited for the demo.


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3. Agentology (now

Agentology helps real estate agents respond to their leads quickly and qualify them.

When you go to their homepage, you have the option of booking a demo or getting a quote.

Here’s the demo request form at the bottom of their site:


This is the thank you page I’m sent to after I book a time to get a demo:


Where Agentology really gets creative is when I don’t book a meeting. If I exit out of the scheduling prompt, I’m redirected to this page:


And then if I click the button to call them, it opens up facetime and calls them through my phone:


What I like about this thank you page:

  • They give me multiple ways to connect with their team. If I didn’t find a good time to schedule a meeting, I’m taken to a last ditch effort to connect via a different/faster method (i.e. hop right on a call)

How to make it even better:

  • I know I sound like a broken record here, but it would be good to include some testimonials or case studies on the thank you page after I book a meeting to reinforce how Agentology helps real estate agents.

(P.S. If you’re interested in functionality like this that goes a step further and gives visitors the option to immediately get a call from sales right after they fill out a form, chat with us about our new tool called Concierge.)


4. Perkbox

Perkbox is an employee engagement platform helping companies take care of their employees through perks, recognition, employee wellness, and engagement surveys.

If I click Get a Demo on their homepage, I’m taken to this landing page:


And here’s the thank you page after I’ve picked my meeting time:


What I like about this thank you page:

  •  They confirmed that I booked my demo, what I can expect on the call, and how long the demo usually lasts.
  • I can download a brochure that offers more info about Perkbox.

How to make it even better:

  • Include the video that was at the bottom of the demo request landing page. It’s possible some people watched it before opting in, but if they didn’t, the thank you page gives me a second chance to hear a case study from a current customer.


5. Grow

Grow is a business intelligence tool that helps companies compile all their sales and marketing analytics into one place.

Like many B2B companies, Grow’s main call to action on their website is to get a demo.

Here’s how they’ve designed their demo request page:


I choose a demo time and then get to the following thank you page:


What I like about this thank you page:

  • They’ve confirmed that my demo has been scheduled and that I’ll get a calendar notification emailed to me.
  • Simple, clean design with one thing they want me to do – watch a video about their company.

How to make it even better:

  • I’d consider swapping out the “Why Grow?” video for a case study or testimonial. Hearing from the people using the product is more compelling than a video from the company.


6. Lattice

Lattice makes performance management software, helping HR easily manage employee performance and feedback.

When I click Request a Demo on their homepage, I’m taken to this simple landing page:



And then I’m taken to this thank you page:


What I like about this thank you page:

  • Lattice has a great video interview series called Resources for Humans, and they showcase the best episodes here. This immediately positions Lattice as a go-to resource for really good HR-focused content.

How to make it even better:

  • I’d like to see some content directly about Lattice. A testimonial, written case study, etc.


7. Remote Year

As someone who loves to travel and work remotely, Remote Year holds a special place in my heart.

Remote Year brings together groups of professionals to travel, live, and work remotely in different cities around the world for a year or four months.

To apply, Remote Year asks you a series of questions to see if their program is a good fit.

Here’s how their questions start:


More questions they ask me:


If I’m a fit, they take me to this page to setup an intro call with a member of their team:


Last but not least, here’s Remote Year’s thank you page after I book time with a rep from their team:


What I like about this thank you page:

  • I love all the resources they’re presenting me. I can read about the experiences of other people who have worked and travelled through Remote Year and get some FAQ’s answered before my call.
  • Awesome personalization by dynamically pulling in my first name.

How to make it even better:

  • You can probably already guess what I’d recommend here… video.


8. Webgility

Webgility offers ecommerce companies tools to automate their accounting and operations.

After I click “Get Started” on their site, I’m taken to a 2-step funnel to schedule my demo.

First step is to submit my contact info and create an account:


Step 2 is to provide some more information about my business (bonus points here for dynamically pulling my “name” in to the headline):


Here’s Webgility’s thank you page:

What I like about this thank you page:

  • They include their ratings from review sites like G2 and their reviews from the customers of their integration partners.
  • There’s a video case study highlighting how one of their customers was able to boost their productivity, efficiency, and profit using Webgility.
  • They link out to customer case studies.

How to make it even better:

  • This page has all of the best elements. The only thing I would add is some text confirming that my time was confirmed and they’re looking forward to chatting with me.


About the author
Tara Robertson

Tara Robertson is a B2B marketer with over 10 years experience in various marketing roles. As the Senior Manager of Demand Gen at Chili Piper, she also hosts our podcast Demand Gen Chat and writes our newsletter The Sauce. Tara is powered by pizza and negronis. Connect with Tara on LinkedIn!

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