Free Online Scheduling Tools in 2023

Madeleine Work

Online scheduling tools makes it easier to schedule a meeting — but it's hard to find the right one. And it's especially to find a decent one that's free.

Don't worry — we did the hard work for you.

We compiled the best free online scheduling tools in 2023 to help you make the right decision.

So you can take advantage of free online scheduling tools, without opening your wallet.

Online Scheduling with ChiliCal

ChiliCal is the only free scheduling tool that's built for customer-facing reps AND built with smart features. Like automatically rearranging your calendar for high-priority customers. 

Or integrating with Salesforce, so you get a snapshot of what's happening with your customers (without actually logging into Salesforce).

Or fancy analytics so you know who's opening your scheduling link and how many meetings you've booked.

ChiliCal isn't live yet — but you can get on the waitlist so you can be the first to try out these smart new features.


Setmore is free scheduling software that takes the complication out of scheduling.

If you’re a…

  • Personal trainer
  • Hairdresser
  • Doctor’s office
  • Hair dresser 
  • Photographer
  • Lawyer

…or any other small business that schedules appointments with customers, then Setmore is a great option. 

Some of its cool features include: 

  • Adding a Zoom or Teleport meeting link to appointments
  • Accepting payments
  • Sending personalized email or text reminders 

While other appointment scheduling tools like Calendly or Acuity Scheduling also have these features, Setmore’s paid plan is only $5/user/mo.

And the free online appointment scheduler is nothing to turn your nose up at! With the free version you still get: 

  • Unlimited appointments
  • Accept payments 
  • Email reminders (100 per month) 

So if you’re scheduling fewer than 100 appointments per month, you can probably get by just fine on their free version. 

And unlike some other free online scheduling tools, Setmore is free forever, so you can use it as long as you want.


Calendar’s key differentiators is: 

  • You can add up to 10 calendars to your account — so you can sync personal and work calendars offers 
  • It has a mobile app — so you can figure out good times to meet on the go 

But you can only add additional calendars to your account with the paid version. With the free version, the only differentiating feature is the mobile app. 

Other than that, it’s got the basic features you’d expect to have in an online scheduling solution — sharing your availability, scheduling time with people outside or inside your org, etc. 

So if having a mobile app and adding a personal calendar is important to you, Calendar might be a good option.


Appointy is a great option for service-based business, like:

  • Salons
  • Personal trainers
  • Attorneys 

Here are the specific features that you get with the free plan:

  • 100 appointments per month
  • Mobile App
  • Zapier (to connect wtih 1000+ other apps) 
  • Reminders 

If you’re comparing Appointy with Setmore, Appointy’s main differentiator is the mobile app and Zapier integrations. 

But it’s got a lot of the features that you would expect with free online scheduling tools. For example, there are automatic reminders to tame no shows and keep your customers in the loop when upcoming meetings are about to happen. 

They offer both email and SMS text reminders — which is great if you’re scheduling appointments with folks who might not live and breathe by their email or calendar. 

The main differentiator between Appointy and other scheduling tools is that they offer custom development in their enterprise plan. If you’re looking for a super custom solution, Appointy can give it to you (at an additional cost). 


Calendly’s H1 tells you everything you need to know — “easy scheduling”. 

Calendly is perfect for basic scheduling use cases, where reps can book meetings with lead without the classic email ping-pong.

In their free version, their main differentiating feature is that it comes with:

  • Integration with Slack and Intercom (other scheduling tools make you pay for this integrations)
  • Embedded scheduling on your website (this is a paid feature for other tools)
  • Unlimited meeting polls

Other than that, their free version has features you’d expect to see in other solutions: 

  • Connect to Google, Office 365, Outlook, and iCloud
  • Unlimited events
  • Customizable booking look
  • Automated event notifications

For customer-facing revenue reps, most people compare Calendly with Chili Piper. For the TL;DR: 

  • Calendly is great for simple scheduling on sales teams with fewer than 5 reps
  • Chili Piper is great for complex lead routing on sales teams with 5+ people is a free online scheduling tool that uses AI to find the best time for your meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks. 

It’s great for professionals who want to block off time to get things done, make time for personal things (e.g. going to the gym), or add decompression blocks after meetings. 

In their free version, you can

  • Add 3 habits 
  • Create one scheduling link 
  • And schedule 3 weeks in advance 

In all the plans, uses AI to rearrange your schedule to optimize for the things you want to do. 


SavvyCal is a free online scheduling tool that lets customers overlay their calendar on top of yours. (Chili Piper’s ChiliCal will also have this feature once it’s live 😬 ).

The core differentiator of their free version is tha tyou can: 

  • Spin up free meeting polls to find the best time to meet
  • Let your customers overlay their calendar on top of yours

Calendly and Doodle both have meeting poll features. ChiliCal has the calendar overlay feature. But SavvyCal is the only one with both. 

Other than that, most of SavvyCal’s features are ones you would expect in a free online scheduling tool.


Clockwise uses AI to optimize your calendar to create more time in your day. 

It’s ideal for professionals who want to optimize focus time and protect their personal time for meals, travel, and appointments. 

In the free version you get: 

  • Smart scheduling
  • Lunch and travel holds
  • Personal-to-work calendar sync
  • Automatic event color coding

Compared to Clockwise is better for people who: 

  • Want to optimize focus time, specifically 

Compared to ChiliCal’s free scheduler, Clockwise is better for people who: 

  • Don’t have any external meetings with customers 
  • Don’t need integrations with Salesforce
  • Don’t care about making scheduling easier for the scheduler (e.g.  your customers) 

Online Scheduling FAQs

What exactly is an online scheduling tool?

Simply put, it helps coordinate meetings between sales reps and leads. 

In most cases, it allows a lead to book a meeting at a time that’s convenient for them and automatically syncs it with a rep’s calendar.

Many tools also come with automated confirmations and reminders. 

How can it help your sales team?

“At the heart of online scheduling and client management is enhanced efficiency, customer loyalty and, ultimately, more revenue,” writes Arash Asli or Forbes.

Besides that, it helps keep your no show rate in check and generally makes your team’s lives easier.

What are some of the best free online scheduling tools?

  • ChiliCal (Coming Soon 👀)
  • Setmore
  • Calendar
  • Appointy
  • Calendly
  • Acuity Scheduling
  • TimeTap
  • SuperSaaS Appointment Scheduling
  • Harmonizely

Efficient Online Scheduling on a Budget 

92% of interactions with sales reps and leads still happen over the phone, and 78% of deals are closed with the company that responds first. 

So, being able to efficiently book meetings and jump on leads while they’re hot is an absolute must in 2023.

Online scheduling tools offer a seamless way to accomplish this and ensure your reps can capitalize when leads are the most engaged. 

And as we’ve just learned, there are several free options that should get the job done. 

Looking for an online scheduler that can double your inbound pipeline as well as your conversion rate?

Schedule a demo today.

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