Calendly vs. Chili Piper: Is Instant Booker Right For You?

Kelli Diffenderfer

If you’re in the market for scheduling software, you may be considering Calendly vs. Chili Piper. 

While it’s easy to see why people make the comparison between the two, (Calendly is a scheduling software and Chili Piper has a scheduling solution – Instant Booker), they are vastly different overall solutions. 

Chili Piper is first and foremost an inbound conversion platform. It offers advanced solutions for high-performing revenue teams and enables users to qualify, route, and schedule meetings directly from their web forms – instantly.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, Chili Piper’s Concierge may be a better fit for you. 

Concierge allows companies to:

  • Protect their sales reps calendars by only allowing best fit leads to book meetings
  • Route leads to the right rep based on how they segment reps (by industry, product, etc) 
  • Eliminate the back and forth of scheduling meetings by allowing customers to book directly from their website

You can also check out this feature breakdown for an overall comparison of Calendly and Chili Piper. 

Now, if all you need is a scheduling tool and you just want to compare Calendly with Chili Piper’s Instant Booker solution, this comprehensive guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to confidently make the best decision.

You can also check out our article on Calendly alternatives for even more information. 

What is Instant Booker

Instant Booker is Chili Piper’s scheduling tool designed for revenue reps who want to convert leads into meetings instantly using high-powered automation and qualification rules. 

If you’re part of a team that wants a scheduling tool that’s ultra-powerful, robust, and feature-rich, Instant Booker is your best option.

If you’re considering Calendly vs. Instant Booker, your next step should be to schedule a demo with a Chili Piper rep. They’ll help you answer specific questions about your situation and your needs. 

Go ahead and schedule your demo now. 

For a deeper dive, here are the details.

When to use Instant Booker

You want to book meetings with no unnecessary friction

With Instant Booker, Chili Piper enables prospects to schedule meetings with a single click, automating a sequence of reminders and emails right up until the meeting starts with an SDR or AE.  When scheduling meetings you can also easily add your colleagues and book meetings on their behalf without needing a pre-established meeting in place. 

You can book the right people on the right meetings at the right time without building additional meeting types. This makes Chili Piper perfect for high-performing teams — sales, customer success, and more. 

You have a larger sales team (AKA more than five reps)

Chili Piper is the better option if you need a more sophisticated lead routing and qualification solution for your sales team. Calendly only offers simplistic round-robin routing. Additionally, Calendly doesn’t provide data reporting on conversion rates or meeting attendance, which is essential for a high-functioning sales team.

You want full integration with Salesforce or HubSpot CRM 

Chili Piper’s integration with Salesforce and HubSpot is seamless and powerful, making two-way data transfer between your CRM and Instant Booker a breeze. You can track every stage of the meeting process — bookings, meetings held, no-shows, reschedules, and cancellations, are stored safely in your CRM. You can also use dynamic tags to pull info from your CRM to customize your meeting invites. 

Calendly can only push data from Calendly to Salesforce, not vice versa. Meaning, you can only pull info from Calendly's form.

You want to separate your teams' settings 

With Instant Booker, Chili Piper allows you to segment your meeting types using workspaces. Workspaces are helpful if you have sales or customer success teams that have their own meeting templates and calendar settings — or marketing teams with their own queue setups.

When to use Calendly

You need a budget-friendly tool for a small team

If you just need a simple booking tool, Calendly may be the better solution for you. 


Calendly competes on price rather than features with three options: 

  1. Basic version: free
  2. Premium version: $8/month 
  3. Pro version: $12/month 
  4. Team version: $16/month

Instant Booker is $15/month for a full-featured solution. There is also scaled pricing for larger teams (100+).

Features breakdown

  Instant Booker Calendly
Unlimited meeting types
Higher tiers
SMS and email reminders


Higher tiers

Lead qualification  🚫
CRM integrations

Salesforce +      HubSpot

Salesforce (higher tiers— no two-way sync)
Sales engagement integrations
Outreach, Salesloft, FrontSpin
Group meetings

Higher tiers
Booking on behalf of others
No-show management 🚫

One-click booking


Ready to see a demo? Let’s chat.

Ease of use and UI comparison 

Instant Booker

Instant Booker offers a simple and highly intuitive UI experience. Users can easily schedule meetings with prospects by suggesting available times over email or book instantly from Salesforce, Outreach, SalesLoft, and more.

Instant Booker also has Suggested Times, making it easy to choose any existing meeting type and embed a handful of times in an email. Users can even add multiple attendees:



Calendly has an easy-to-use interface and a simple UI experience. However, their use of double forms can be an inconvenience for prospective customers. Teams implementing Calendly often have to create a form before the Calendly form, leading to massive friction and losing a high percentage of potential leads.

What are customers saying?

Instant Booker and Calendly both have 4.7 ratings on G2 and are highly reviewed across other websites. 

Here are some specific comments:

Instant Booker review:

Source: G2

Calendly review:

Source: G2

Additional things to note:

  • Calendly only offers simplistic round-robin routing and cannot account for ownership, vacation, cancellation, lead scoring, seniority, etc. 
  • Any website visitor can book — Calendly cannot qualify inbound prospects in real-time, so anyone can book a meeting on your website, even if they’re a bad fit

Still have questions? Get a demo now! 

The bottom line

Instant Booker is a robust revenue acceleration tool with multiple use cases. It’s not just a calendar or meeting scheduling tool but is capable of sophisticated routing — more than a simple round-robin. 

On top of Instant Booker, Chili Piper offers a complete inbound conversion platform for revenue teams that want a powerful and seamless tool to book and close leads faster. 

That being said, it’s not for every revenue team, just as Calendly is not a suitable solution for Salesforce or HubSpot powered revenue teams who want to work fast and with power. 

The best way to make the most informed decision regarding Chili Piper is to schedule a demo. If this article has raised detailed questions, our sales team is fully equipped and eager to answer any and all of the questions you may have.

Schedule a demo.

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