Chili Piper Is Incredibly Easy to Use. Let Me Show You.

Daniel Threlfall

One of the frustrating things about starting with a new SaaS product is the learning curve.

Every SaaS promises to solve a problem. But what about the initial problem of getting the product up and running? 

Chili Piper, gratefully, is different. 

Chili Piper allows you to convert leads into meetings instantly. 

The problem that Chili Piper solves goes something like this.

Once upon a time, your website gets inbound leads. Hooray, right? 

Okay, so you want to schedule a demo or sales call with them so you can close them on your sweet product. 

Haha. Joke’s on you! Easier said than done. And I’m talking about the scheduling part! Not the sales call itself.

Scheduling calls is notoriously cumbersome, time-consuming, and aggravating. Many businesses just take way too long to respond. 

Source: Harvard Business Review

Don’t worry. It’s not just you. It’s them.

The process of scheduling a meeting over email takes an average of 8.0179 emails. 

That’s 8.0179 emails too many.

Chili Piper destroys all of this with the precision of Alain Ducasse seasoning a Pyrénées-Atlantique savoir-faire Cappon Magro in a terrine. 

(Had to throw that in there.)

Basically, Chili Piper solves that problem.

How? By allowing leads to book meetings instantly on your website. 

Two clicks. 8.0179 emails, prevented, plus possible beneath-the-breath cussing. 

In fact, if they want to, your inbound leads can be on a call with an SDR in 10-12 seconds. 


Chili Piper Power. 

Okay, sounds fantastic, but what about the setup and implementation part? 

Just as easy. 

All you have to do to install Chili Piper is copy and paste a javascript snippet. 

Have you ever copied/pasted something? 


Not sure about you, but I CTRL+C/CTRL+V in my sleep. 

And this is exactly how easy it is to set up Chili Piper. 

Once you purchase Chili Piper, you copy and paste a javascript snippet into any page you want to. 

Instantly, your lead capture form is up and humming.

Of course, there are bells and whistles. (So many bells and whistles.)

To amp up Chili Piper’s power, you’re going to want to plug it into all your other toys.

Like Salesforce. Primarily Salesforce.

Chili Piper goes with Salesforce like fish goes with fins. 

Chili Piper also integrates with all major sales and marketing tech tools.

Easy to set up. Easy to use. 

When our engineers, developers, and Other Smart People were creating Chili Piper, they knew that it had to be easy to use.

Not just for the lead clicking and scheduling a meeting.

But for the person who wanted to set it all up. 

Sales leaders. SDRs. AEs. Revenue Ops. 

We get it. Not everyone has advanced programming knowledge. You’re a sales professional for Piper’s sake. 

That’s why it’s easy to set up and easy to use once you do get it set up. 

Here’s a quick glance at the administrative dashboard in my Chili Piper account. 

Compared to Salesforce, for example, using Chili Piper is a dream. 

That’s not to say that Chili Piper lacks power. The reason why customers, a lot of enterprise businesses, use Chili Piper is because of the high-octane capabilities that are baked into the product. 

  • Lead routing
  • Lead qualification
  • Inbound meeting automatic distribution
  • Real-time lead qualification
  • Advanced meeting routing
  • Round robin routing
  • Live calls with hot leads
  • Automatic creation of Salesforce events
  • Automatic contact creation and updated Salesforce fields
  • Analytics on meeting conversion rates
  • Calendar integrations
  • Group meetings
  • Automatic email and text reminders
  • Custom meeting template creation
  • Instant booker browser plugin
  • Webform scheduling
  • Form enrichment
  • Website embeds
  • Gated content booked meetings

Like I said. High octane. 

Need Help? We’ve Got You.

Chili Piper’s capabilities are almost infinite. 

The sheer power of the product is astonishing. 

The way that our customers have up-leveled their revenue is outstanding.

And one of the best parts? Setting it up is so easy you might start snort-laughing. 

If you do need help, though, we’ve got your back. 

New to Chili Piper? Get a demo now!

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