How to Use Personalization in Your Marketing Without Being Creepy with Dan McGaw


I appreciate personalized marketing just as much as the next marketer.

Segmenting people and talking to them based on who they or what they’re interested in? Way better approach than just blasting the same message to everyone.

But we’ve all seen companies get a little too carried away.

(Websites who call you out by your company name the first time you hit their website – I’m looking at you)

This is one of the highlights of my recent chat with Dan McGaw, CEO and founder of Effin Amazing.

Dan and his team work with companies like Eventbrite, Masarati, Wistia, and to help them build the perfect analytics and marketing automation stack to execute on their strategies.

They’re doing a lot of interesting things with their automation that you’ll want to tune in for.

Some other topics we chatted about in this episode of Demand Gen Chat:
  • Where companies go overboard with their marketing stack
  • The great debate of first touch vs last touch attribution – how should you setup your attribution model and what are some tools that can help?
  • Do content upgrades and gated content still work?
  • The biggest mistake most marketers make with their email nurture programs


Give it a listen here:


How to connect with Dan:

twitter: @Danielmcgaw


Mentions from the episode:

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