How Drift Started a Movement to Achieve Hypergrowth with Dave Gerhardt

At this point, there’s probably not a single B2B marketer who hasn’t heard of Drift.

They created a category (and wrote the book on it), have thousands of raving fans, and dominate everyone’s LinkedIn feed every month or so.

By anyone’s measure, they’re a hypergrowth company that’s not slowing down.

So how did they start and build momentum around their now infamous movement? What strategies have helped them become such a fast-growing company?

Today’s guest has been one of biggest catalysts for Drift’s growth – Dave Gerhardt. Dave is Drift’s VP of Marketing and also one of the hosts of Seeking Wisdom, a popular podcast that he does alongside their CEO David Cancel.

On this episode of Demand Gen Chat, Dave and I talk about:
  • The 2 main strategies that Drift used to build their brand
  • How brand helps the rest of your demand gen efforts
  • Dave’s top copywriting hacks to write better stories
  • How Dave comes up with his best marketing ideas
  • What Dave learned by spending a month doing sales demos that marketers absolutely must be doing
  • Why Drift has a separate Growth team and a marketing team, but Dave explains why it might not be the right team strategy for you

Listen to the interview and get all the goods here:



How to connect with Dave:



Mentions from the episode:


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