How DiscoverOrg’s sales team boost conversion rate by 138% with Chili Piper

DiscoverOrg is the leading global marketing and sales intelligence tool used by over 2,500 of the world’s fastest growing companies to accelerate growth.


DiscoverOrg shook things up last year by adopting an Account-Based sales strategy and split their sales team into two parts: inbound and outbound.

Sales Development Manager, Anthony Johnson, and Head of Sales Ops, Chris Hays, realized two critical areas the inbound team lost prospects: no-shows for meetings and the lagged response time for web lead follow ups. Both of these areas attributed to low conversion rates from inbound leads.

As a result, the two began looking into tech solutions to increase conversion rates from web leads and increase efficiency amongst reps.

Solution and Benefit

The dynamic duo implemented Chili Piper for the inbound sales development team to address these headaches. After just two months, the conversion rate of web leads jumped from 17% to 40.5% – a 138% increase! In addition, the team now boasts an 80% meeting completion rate – an increase of 33% compared to before Chili Piper.

These successes are attributed to a combination of factors:

  1. With Chili Piper, a prospect is able to accept the meeting invite with just one click. SDRs no longer have to emails back and forth to prospects. By significantly cutting down follow up time for inbound leads, prospects now receive meeting invites while their interest is highest.
  2. Sales reps automate intelligent reminders based on conditions around the prospect’s acceptance of the invite. These reminders played a key role in lowering no-show rates and empowering reps to increase the number of meetings completed.

Fast forward to today, Anthony’s team is experiencing 115% quota attainment. Because of Chili Piper’s successes with the inbound team, DiscoverOrg has implemented the intelligent calendar tool for its outbound sales team and customer success teams.

“Chili Piper was the only tool that met all of our needs. It started with just our Inbound Sales Development team using the tool, but now our outbound SDRs, AEs, and even Customer Success relies on Chili Piper everyday.” – Anthony Johnson, Manager of Sales Development

Learn more about Chili Piper’s Lead Distribution and Round Robin tool for sales. Request a demo.

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