Fireside: The Fireside Chat Where You Might Get Burned

Tara Robertson

It's no secret there's a ton of hot button topics in the sales and marketing world.

And with the rise of LinkedIn and Slack communities, there are more opportunities than ever for people to offer their opinions on controversial topics.

That's where 🔥 SIDE comes in.

🔥 SIDE is a live video series hosted by Chili Piper where we bring together influencers and thought leaders with differing perspectives on hot topics and let them duke it out in a boxing ring engage in some friendly, moderated debate.

Our first topic: Who should SDRs report to, sales or marketing?

And who better to rep the marketing camp than the great Kyle Lacy, CMO of Lessonly by Seismic, and the sales camp than our very own Co-Founder, Nicolas Vandenberghe?

So grab your popcorn and join us April 26th at 2:30 p.m. ET for what promises to be a spicy kickoff to a hot new series. 😈

Join the first 🔥 SIDE live April 26th at 2:30 p.m. ET:

About the author
Tara Robertson

Tara Robertson is a B2B marketer with over 10 years experience in various marketing roles. As the Senior Manager of Demand Gen at Chili Piper, she also hosts our podcast Demand Gen Chat and writes our newsletter The Sauce. Tara is powered by pizza and negronis. Connect with Tara on LinkedIn!

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