Getting Started with Chili Meetings

Logan Hendrickson

You just set up your Chili Meetings account (great decision!) and you are ready to start:

  •  Scheduling more meetings
  •  Saving hours of admin time
  •  Helping your buyers
  •  Making more money

Not on the Chili Piper train yet and feeling left out? Don’t worry, you can Sign up for freeand we’ll be waiting for you when you get back.

Chili Piper is the #1 Meeting Lifecycle Automation platform, helping revenue teams connect with buyers faster across all stages of the customer lifecycle.

Watch the video below to learn how to:

  1. Download the Chili Piper Chrome Extension
  2. Set your personal details and make sure your calendar is connected
  3. Adjust your working hours and calendar settings

Now, with the entire world of scheduling and time-savings in front of you, where do you start? Here are five things you can start doing today to make the most out of your new scheduling superpowers.

1. Automate busywork by creating your first Meeting Type

Meeting Types save you time by pre-populating the calendar invite, meeting details, meeting buffers, and more with dynamic tags when a meeting is booked. 

With Chili Piper, you have access to unlimited Meeting Types so you can customize every detail like time, location, and description depending on the type of meeting.

Setting up your first Meeting Type is as simple as dragging and dropping a few fields like {!Prospect.FirstName} and {!Conference.Details} where you’d like them to appear in the meeting invite.

Create the Meeting Type and give it a name, and when you launch Instant Booker to schedule your next meeting, choose it from the Meeting Type dropdown.

And just like that, you just saved about five steps from every meeting you schedule.Learn more about creating and editing meeting types.

2. Start embedding suggested times in your emails

“With Chili Piper, we reduced our SDR meeting no show rate by over 50% and increased our SQL rate by 33%.” – LawGeex

Now you are ready to head over to Gmail or Outlook and start simplifying your scheduling via email.

Remember when you’d have to deal with the headaches of going back and forth with multiple meeting guests, doing time-zone math, and sending yet another “what time works for you?” email? Those days are behind you, my friend. 

With suggested times, all you need to do is launch Instant Booker from inside your email, select a few times you’re available to meet, and let Chili Piper automatically embed the times into the email as clickable buttons. Now here’s where things get really fun. ecause Chili Piper is the most advanced scheduling tool built for speed and efficiency, when your guest receives the email and clicks on a time, the meeting gets automatically booked in one click. Reminders sent. Notifications alerted. Meeting buffers in place. All following custom rules you determine. 

With other scheduling apps, your guest selects a time and then gets bounced to an external page where they’re forced to fill out an additional form, adding several steps where they’re likely to drop off before confirming the meeting. 

Now that the meetings are going to be pouring in you can just sit back, relax, and get back to the part of your job you actually enjoy. Learn more about one-click booking from suggested times.

3. Book Meetings From Anywhere with Instant Booker

“We switched all our business units from Calendly to Chili Piper primarily because of the Salesforce integration and the streamlined user experience when scheduling handoff meetings. Now instead of just using booking links, the new Spicy license has given our team multiple ways to schedule meetings and stay connected to our customers“ – BuilderTrend

Speaking of your job, chances are you already have a tool or two you spend most of your day in. For many revenue teams, it happens to be Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce, or a sales engagement tool like Salesloft or Outreach. With Instant Booker you can schedule meetings from any of these apps and more without ever slowing down to shuffle through tabs.

Time for an example:

You are an SDR or an AE starting your day with a hot cup of coffee and some good old fashioned prospecting. You send a few emails, check in on your accounts, make a few cold calls when BAM! Somebody wants to book a meeting with you. You’re already on this particular person’s profile in Salesloft, and need to schedule with them ASAP. Now you can simply click the Instant Booker icon and launch your personal scheduling app. Select a time, add any additional guests, select who will receive an invite, mark guests as optional, and more.

With dynamic meeting templates, automated reminders, and simple rescheduling links, everything — other than counting your commission check — is already taken care of.

Learn more about Instant Booker.

4. Start booking meetings through your signature

“Chili Piper was the only tool that met all of our needs. It started with just our Inbound Sales Development team, but now our outbound SDRs, AEs, and even Customer success relies on Chili Piper every day.” – DiscoverOrg (now ZoomInfo)

We’re very aware that [booking links alone aren’t good enough] but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of strategically located smart-booking links to make your prospect and customer’s lives a bit easier when they want to get in touch with you. The first place they’ll look is your email signature.

With Chili Meetings Email Signatures you can set up a custom, beautiful signature that enables anyone who sees it to book a meeting with you in (you guessed it) one-click. No more filling out extra forms or dropping off because it’s too complicated. Now, the only action a guest needs to take to schedule time with you is clicking the link next to your pretty picture right inside your signature.

Learn more about email signatures.

5. Share your Personal Page [Coming Soon]

“As an operations guy trying to remove friction from my revenue team members’ days, Chili Piper has been a big win.” – PandaDoc

Let’s get personal. Maybe you have several different types of meetings your prospects or customers need, each with a unique length, video conference link, reminder schedule, etc. The good news is with Chili Meetings you get unlimited meeting types, all with custom templates and settings. The even better news is there is now a centralized place for all these meeting types (and more) to live. Meet your Personal Page — a one-stop-shop for all things you.

We think sending over a simple booking link is a little too boring. You aren’t boring. Your customer isn’t boring (hopefully). Scheduling shouldn’t be either. Your Personal Page can be customized however you’d like. So in addition to your meetings links, visitors can have access to your contact info, Twitter and Linkedin profiles, customer testimonials, list of clients, professional accomplishments, and more.

Time to get started

You are just getting started with your fancy new suite of booking tools and we hope you are as excited to be here as we are to have you.

Looking for even more ways to automate your scheduling and accelerate revenue? Read more here:

Not on the Chili Piper train yet? Get Started For Free

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