Group Scheduling Over Email Doesn’t Have to Suck – Introducing our new Invite All feature in Instant Booker

Chelsea Castle

With our latest release, Instant Booker becomes the first solution to truly make booking multi-person meetings over email a one-click experience for prospects and customers.

Our new feature is called Invite All – the Reply All of meeting invites. 

Keep reading to learn more or get a demo of Instant Booker.

Meetings are bigger than you and me

Business meetings come in all shapes and sizes. They’re not just for one-on-one conversations.

And the increase in remote work just adds fuel to the fire.

The need to coordinate meetings across multiple people, time zones, and schedules is more necessary than it’s ever been in the history of the world. 

Consider these scenarios that sales and customer success reps face on the daily: 

  • You need to schedule a meeting with your champion and her director in order to close a deal. 
  • You need to deliver a product demo to a ten-person buying committee. 
  • You need to book a training session with 20 new users of your product.  
  • You need to coordinate a last-minute support call with an admin and his IT manager. 

The list of multi-person meetings we need to coordinate with prospects and customers goes on and on.

How do people schedule multi-person meetings today?

We all need to schedule meetings with multiple people. The only question is how much time we waste doing it. 

Manually: The open-ended ask

If you’re one of the unlucky ones, you do it manually. This might look like an open-ended email to multiple people (like the one below) with the question: “What day works best for everyone?.”

This approach leaves too much onus on the prospect or customer to coordinate a time internally. The result is radio silence or a long trail of back-and-forth emails as you desperately try to get a time on the calendar. 

  • Martin’s in PST while Monica’s in EST
  • Levi doesn’t work on Friday’s
  • Jenn’s off next week

You get the picture. 

Semi-Automated: Book the main guest and pray others get added

Automated scheduling products like Calendly allow you to include booking links and embedded availability in your emails and chat messages, making it easy for a single recipient to click whatever time works best for them.

This approach, while a big step forward, relies on kicking your main guest to a web form. They then need to manually add team members they want included on the invite. 

This adds unnecessary friction that often results in people being left off the invite. 

This could mean the difference between convincing that key decision maker or having them left off the meeting completely. 

Fully Automated: Instant Booker and our Invite All feature

With our latest release, Instant Booker becomes the first solution to truly make booking multi-person meetings over email, a one-click process for prospects and customers. 

Reps just need to click the Chili Piper extension when crafting their email and Instant Booker will automatically add every email recipient to the invite. Just like hitting reply all in an email. 

The rep can then hand pick a collection of available times in their calendar and embed them in their email. 

Once the email is received, a single recipient needs to just click one of the available times and the meeting is booked. 

One click and that’s it.

Everyone receives an invite in their calendar and automated reminders leading up to the meeting. 

No forms. 

No confusion. 

No missed attendees.

Don’t take our word for it, here’s what our customers are saying:

“The Invite All feature is a game-changer for us in increasing user adoption, reducing redundancy and improving sales productivity with Chili Piper. As a B2B company selling into enterprise-level B2B companies, most buying decisions are by committee — meaning most sales meetings, throughout the sales cycle, are held with multiple stakeholders. Hence, this seemingly tiny feature was a huge sticking point for our sales people. They expressed “great joy and gratitude” at the launch of this feature.” Jennifer A. Hollingsworth Social Media Digital Marketing Specialist at Kaon Interactive, Inc.

“Chili Piper has made scheduling for our reps, our customers, and our prospects so much easier. We use it for all of our business units and just having everyone on one platform has really made our customer experience unique. When they go through the sales process it looks the same to book a meeting, when they go through the training process it looks the same to book training, and so the ease of use and the consistency for the customer has been the one of the best parts of using Chili Piper.” Madeline Anderson Business Operations Administrator at Buildertrend

Want to help your revenue team connect with more buyers faster? Get a demo of Chili Meetings and Instant Booker today!

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Chelsea Castle is the Director of Content Marketing at Chili Piper. A journalist turned empathy-driven marketer, she's also a concert junkie who can often be found #doingthings outside and crafting creative ways to be sustainable.

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