Kevin Dorsey - Inbound Masterclass

When you mention the topic of inbound to sales leaders, most will point you in the direction of the marketing team. They are focused on their outbound programs and aren't getting the most out of their inbound funnel.

But outbound conversion rates continue to dwindle, with most companies converting at 1-3%.

Marketing spends millions of dollars educating, advertising and directing people to the website. But when buyers are finally ready to speak to sales and request a demo, less than 40% of those high intent leads make it into the pipeline.

Can you imagine over 60% of your potential buyers never getting to speak to your sales team?

One of the silent killers in today's B2B revenue orgs is the leaky funnel of the handoff between marketing and sales.

Most VPs of Sales last about 16 months in the role and not hitting company revenue targets.

But not Kevin Dorsey. Former 3x VP of Sales has always understood how to bring the revenue engine of a company together, and how important it is to work closely with marketing to ensure you hit your revenue goals.

Kevin "KD" Dorsey joined us for a live Inbound Masterclass where he shared what VPs of Sales can do to work better with their marketing counterparts, how he pressure-tests his outbound engine through the lens of a marketing inbound funnel, and how he often doubles his inbound pipeline by nailing the handoff point between marketing and sales.

Watch the recorded Masterclass now:

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