Top 13 B2B Lead Generation Software for More Targeted Leads

Kris Rivera

Regardless of the industry or company size, your B2B business needs to generate leads. However, lead generation is more than just pushing your audience to your website. 

You need to use the right tactics to not only collect their information but deliver targeted communications once they’re in your pipeline.  

Sixty-one percent of marketers believe lead generation is their number one challenge and 80% think their efforts are only somewhat effective. Like any marketing role, lead generation requires the right tools and resources to collect and engage with new leads efficiently.

Let’s look at the top B2B lead generation software and how you can take advantage of their platforms.

Sixty-one percent of marketers believe lead generation is their number one challenge.

What is B2B Lead Generation Software?

Lead generation software helps B2B businesses generate and collect new prospects from various channels. As leads are collected, they are routed to sales and marketing teams to nurture further and convert. 

The software is typically automated, allowing you to focus on creating impactful campaigns instead of manual data entry.

When selecting new software, you want a platform that won’t come with a steep learning curve or manual coding to get started. Here are a few things that make a platform worth investing in:

  • Usability: How user-friendly is the platform?
  • Integration: Does it connect with your other marketing tools?
  • Pricing: How does the pricing compare to competitors? Are you staying within budget?
  • Features: Does it include everything you need to streamline your campaigns?
  • Benefits: Will it help you meet your KPIs?
  • Customer service: Does the platform offer customer support when things go wrong?

As a starting point, you’ll need to consider which tools work best for your audience, function, and budget. The key is compromising on a middle ground that won’t break your bank, but still provide the bells and whistles you need.

Types of Lead Generation Software Available

Depending on the campaigns you run, there are many different types of lead generation platforms in the market. Each one can help build your outbound and inbound strategies with lead management.

To get started, here are just a few software types to choose from:
  • Form optimization: Create engaging forms that make it easier for the user to fill out and process. Software like Chili Piper allows you to instantly qualify and book leads directly through your website’s web forms.
  • Landing page optimization: Optimize your pages with design, A/B testing, and reporting to improve conversions.
  • Data mining: Automatically review online directories for new potential leads.
  • Form, quiz, and popups: Encourage users to take action on your website to acquire contact information.
  • Chatbots and communication: Answer users’ questions and direct them to new content based on their terms.
  • Coupons and contests: Distribute and track a customer’s coupon or manage contests.
  • Social media: Post, engage, and report on your social media strategy to grow brand awareness.
  • Email marketing: Use email marketing services to engage with contacts through different campaigns based on user behavior.
For your lead generation tool to be efficient, it should integrate with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) software to connect with your leads after they enter the pipeline.

Why Your Business Needs B2B Lead Generation Software

Seventy-nine percent of businesses say that lead generation is their sole success metric. With so much weighing on the success of your lead generation campaigns, leverage technology to quickly grow your pipeline with qualified leads instead of manually prospecting contacts. Additional lead generation benefits include:
  • Expand your audience to different customer segments
  • Acquire more customers reviews or user-generated content
  • Improve lead quality
  • Reduce or eliminate cold calling and emailing
  • Personalize campaigns with behavioral data
  • A/B test your campaigns to optimize for more conversions
  • Incorporate 24/7 lead responses to improve customer service
  • Incorporate different media types like video and demos to encourage sign-ups
Seventy-nine percent of businesses say that lead generation is their sole success metric.

Target More Leads with Top B2B Lead Generation Software

Now that you understand why you should double down on technology, let’s take a look at the best paid and free lead generation software on the market today.

Form Optimization


1. Chili Piper

Chili Piper’s product Concierge allows businesses to qualify, route, and book meetings through an existing web form. Instead of manually setting up demos, the software optimizes your forms to receive hot leads and connect them to an assigned rep. The contact can also select times and dates to set up the call or connect immediately via video or phone. Features and benefits:
  • Schedule meetings from any web form: Improves lead response time by booking meetings instantly
  • Real-time lead qualification and routing: Route and qualify leads to the assigned sales rep
  • Automatically updates in your CRM: Eliminates manual data entry and human error
  • Live phone and video calls: Books meetings immediately based on the user’s availability
Pricing: Chili Piper offers $30 licenses per user and additional platform fees ranging from $150-$1,000 with varying features.
Chili Piper’s product Concierge allows businesses to qualify, route, and book meetings through an existing web form.

2. WPForms

If your website is built on WordPress, WPForms is one of the most popular form-building technologies available. You can use drag-and-drop functionality to quickly optimize and add lead generation forms to start acquiring new opportunities. Features:
  • Pre-built form templates to save time or build your own without needing code
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly to work with all formats
  • Instant notifications and entry management to streamline your workflow
  • Endless integrations like PayPal, Stripe, Mailchimp, GetResponse, Salesforce, and more
  • Unique actions like surveys, quizzes, and polls
Pricing: WPForms' pricing starts at $39.50 for their basic package and increases to $299.50 for the Elite package.

Landing Page Optimization


3. ClickFunnels

While most website builders offer landing page development, ClickFunnels sends a new prospect or customer into a targeted sales funnel to generate more leads. With the standard functionality like hosting and templates, ClickFunnels directs you where to put your CTA, copy, upsell, value, and more to build a strong funnel that converts. Features:
  • Drag-and-drop webpage editor to customize your brand’s needs
  • Ability to quickly build sales funnels for your different products and services
  • Add a smart shopping cart function to increase upsells
  • Includes email and social media marketing to raise brand awareness
  • Keep everything organized in one, easy-to-use dashboard

Pricing:ClickFunnels provides a 14-day free trial, and from there, the packages range from $97-$2,497 per month.


4. Unbounce

Unbounce provides optimized landing pages to help bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams. With no coding necessary, you can use dynamic text to personalize content and increase conversions by using their ‘Smart Traffic’ feature. Features:
  • Drag-and-drop builder functionality
  • Use Smart Traffic to route users to landing pages where they’re most likely to convert
  • Start from scratch or use customizable templates
  • Create optimized forms and thank you redirects
  • Receive instant lead notifications and connect to tools like Marketo and Salesforce
Pricing: Unbounce’s pricing starts at $90 for a launch package and increases to $225. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly.

Data Mining


5. Clearbit

Clearbit uses B2B data intelligence to provide contact details for the anonymous companies who visit your website and discover ideal prospect accounts. Even if all you have is an email address, you can quickly receive personal or company profiles to build your pipeline and convert them into your funnel. The platform also integrates into your CRM to instantly create new lead records for your sales team to start outreach. Features:
  • Advanced retargeting across Google, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Reliable conversion tracking that protects against cookies
  • Complete prospect and company profiles to better target leads
  • Sales rep notifications when accounts visit your website
  • Turn any email or domain into a full-contact profile
Pricing:Clearbit customizes pricing to the individual business need and is available on a monthly or annual subscription.


6. Windfall

Not all platforms use the same data to inform their intelligence models. Windfall leverages wealth knowledge based on historical purchases, donations, and user behavior so you can target the right audience. Primarily used in the non-profit and commercial space, Windfall provides advanced contact details for the affluent target. Features:
  • Identifies high-value contacts in real-time based on net worth
  • Analyzes contact insights like wealth indicators and interests to build your strategy
  • Leverages data to deliver timely and personalized messages to your contacts
Pricing: To see Windfall’s pricing, you need to schedule a demo.

Form, Quiz, and Popup Creation


7. ConvertFlow

Both B2B and B2C audiences love interactive content like quizzes and surveys. With Convertflow, you can create personalized forms, quizzes, popups, sticky bars, and more to improve your lead generation efforts. The templates are customizable for you to add photos and GIFs to help build your brand identity and connect with your audience. Features:
  • Drag-and-drop builder without having to use any code
  • Segment your visitors and guide them through a personalized funnel
  • Link your campaigns to a CRM to trigger alerts and tag users
  • Integrate to over 1,500+ apps like Shopify, Zapier, and more
Pricing: You can get started with ConvertFlow for free. Upgrading starts at $49 a month and increases to $250.


8. LinkedIn Lead Generation Forms

For B2B’s looking to take advantage of the best lead generation companies, look no further than LinkedIn. While it’s a popular professional social media platform with over 740 million active users, it offers advanced paid targeting and forms to reach your audience. Once someone clicks on your sponsored ad, a lead generation form will appear that collects auto-populated information from the user’s profile.
LinkedIn has over 740 million active users who believe it is the most trusted network.
  • Includes pre-filled and reliable profile data
  • Track your cost-per-lead and ROI in the dashboard
  • Download leads from the Campaign Manager or integrate them directly into your CRM
  • Customize your ad’s content, photo, CTA, and landing page link
Pricing: Like any paid social campaign, you will set a budget and pay per lead on LinkedIn.

Chatbots and Communication


9.  Intercom

With chatbots generating a 35-40% response rate, more B2B companies are integrating them into their websites. Intercom allows you to add custom responses to commonly asked customer questions. By triggering a conversation when someone enters your website, you can lead them to more resources or set up a demo with your sales team — instantly qualifying them in your pipeline. Features:
  • Provide conversational support that allows users to self-serve
  • Onboard new customers and engage current ones with targeted campaigns
  • Leverage customer data to personalize communications
  • Use live chat with a rep or support bots to respond 24/7
Pricing: Intercom provides various pricing packages based on the user seats and the number of people who reached your site. You can schedule a demo for detailed pricing.


10. Callpage

After a simple five-minute setup with Callpage, you can start talking to your website visitors. Callpage integrates on your website and asks users to submit their phone number to receive a call within 28 seconds through a widget. You can apply lead scoring rules to display the popup to hot leads and convert them more quickly. The popup is fully customizable and includes personalization per user. Features:
  • Total control over all call and SMS functionality like scheduling, sequencing, and more
  • Personalized popup settings with sound effects, animation, and dynamic text
  • Triggers based on user behavior and AI scoring rules
  • Call reporting and analytics to hold sales teams accountable
Pricing:Callpage pricing starts at $0 per month and ranges up to $379. The company also offers a custom plan to tailor your needs.

Coupon and Contest Management


11. Wishpond

If you have a customer loyalty, referral, or promotion strategy, adopting a platform like Wishpond allows you to manage coupons. Whether you send a one-time offer to increase conversions or nurture existing customers, you can increase the time it takes the lead to convert with limited-time offers. Features:
  • Choose from 12 different contest and competition templates like sweepstakes, coupons, photo contests, and more
  • Incentivize users who follow you on social media or subscribe to your email list
  • Track when your users engage with your promotions
Pricing: Take advantage of a free Wishpond trial to get started.

Social Media


12. Sprout Social

Social media is a powerful lead generation tool. With multiple social media channels available, it’s essential to have a tool that centralizes your demand generation and engagement in one spot. With Sprout Social, you can streamline your entire social strategy by publishing, engaging, listening, and reporting your activity. Features:
  • Discover insights and trends from data to inform your strategy
  • Plan and schedule your social posts across the major platforms
  • Monitor your channels and respond to messages in one inbox
  • Report on your engagement through an advanced dashboard
Pricing: Plans on Sprout Social start at $89 and run to $249, but you can get started with a free trial.

Email Marketing


13. OptinMonster

While emerging technology like AI and social listening has grown popular, email marketing is still effective. With over 4 billion daily email subscribers, 64% of marketers use email to engage and convert customers. OptinMonster allows you to create email marketing campaigns with pre-built templates and segmentation to deliver targeted communications. Features:
  • Drag-and-drop email technology that allows you to customize every campaign
  • Integrates into websites and CRM software
  • Automatic lead verification and retargeting to attract returning customers
  • Send transactional and drip campaign content to nurture subscribers
Pricing:OptinMonster pricing starts at $9 up to $49.

Boost Conversions with B2B Lead Generation Tools

Whether you’re focused on inbound or outbound strategy, it can take a lot of time, resources, and budget to manage without technology. However, by investing in the top B2B lead generation software, you can more effectively collect leads and push them into your funnel. Before purchasing every tool out there, you need to strategize your lead generation goals and which campaigns will help you reach them. From there, consider your budget and platform integrations to maximize your resources and drive more conversions. Ready to increase your leads? Get started with Chili Piper today.
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