7 Killer Marketing Examples that Will Spark Your Creativity

Maggie Aland

At Chili Piper, we have a Slack channel called #GreatMarketing.

It’s where the team posts our favorite marketing initiatives from outside the company. 

We’ve got high standards, so when something strikes us as memorable it means it’s worth sharing.

In this post, we reveal seven of our favorite marketing examples so far this year, and what made them stand out. 

Kit Kat breaks up the monotony of your day-to-day

This ad was posted by our Director of Demand, Kaylee, and it immediately made me want a Kit Kat. 

It’s relatable, eye-catching, and most importantly — it makes me want a snack. 

Kaylee puts why the ad is so effective best.

“If you were to look up “scroll-stopping” on Google, this is the image that would appear. Most ads today look and feel like a banner ad for your company. Heavy branding, a large logo, and a one-liner. This ad has none of those things, yet resonates 10x more because it’s different, it’s powerful, it’s INCREDIBLY timely. Everyone can relate in today’s remote culture. It evokes emotion.”
– Kaylee Edmondson, Director of Demand Gen

This landing page from Whereby does a good deed

Whereby has the difficult task of competing with the video conferencing behemoth that is Zoom.

It means they need to be extra smart with their marketing.

They accomplish this with a landing page that clearly demonstrates their message and connects to a good cause.

Jason is our Director of Product Marketing, and creates landing pages on the regular. Let’s hear from him on what inspired him to share.

“It’s a great idea for a give-back initiative that aligns perfectly with a company KPI. I’m sure Whereby tracks the number of meetings hosted on their platform each month. This ties something to their goal that’s part of a bigger mission. It’s also a clever way to show social proof around their user adoption. Highlighting meetings booked is boring. Showing trees planted is much cooler while saying the same thing about the growth of their platform.” 
Jason Oakley, Director of Product Marketing’s ad cleverly steals from its competitor

As marketers, we are familiar with the strategy of bidding on our competitor’s keywords.

But the boldness of this ad copy is what makes it really catch your eye.

It also gave us a chuckle when it was posted in our marketing channel, which made it even more memorable.

Copy from Atoms clearly demonstrates the value of their product

We have thousands of shoe brands to choose from.

In this copy, Atoms is able to clearly identify and sell its value proposition.

This shoe is for people who want comfort and durability over price, and the copy will resonate with those people.

Our copywriting guru, Chelsea, has this to say about why this ad is so powerful.

“The ad’s honesty immediately grabbed my attention — admitting their product is not cheap. Expensive, even. But they go further, with succinctly clever copy and a minimalistic design, and are uniquely transparent about the quality of their product and the value consumers receive in return for the price. As someone who previously found no aesthetic appeal in the brand, I now can’t help but look at them 100 percent differently. Effective copy is everything.” 
– Chelsea Castle, Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Social media engagement from Gong shows they care

At Chili Piper, we are big fans of how Gong is building its brand.

They have built a cult-ish following by being human and real on social media.

If you’re looking for inspiration from a B2B company creating great posts on social, we recommend giving them a follow.

Dan, our Head of Community, had this to say about why this post is so effective.

“This post is a pattern interrupt. It will stand out compared with other content because it is short, and all caps at the top. The content is different from almost anything else out there. Very rarely do company accounts make an emotional appeal directly to their followers. People like things that are true. I’m pretty sure Gong is right here.” 
– Dan Cmejla, Head of Community  

Visible’s email reads like it’s from a friend

An email inbox is one of the hardest places to stand out these days.

Visible is able to make a mark by speaking in plain language, and effectively bolding and using color to make the most important points stand out.

This approach turns a product update into an easy read.

Here’s why our product marketer, Logan, thought the email was good enough to share.

“I opened this email mostly expecting to skim and delete it — but the author did something all copywriters aspire to do. The first sentence intrigued me enough to read the second, and the second kept my attention long enough for the third. They turned something that is typically boring into an enjoyable (and shareable) read. Oh, and they used the word ‘deets’ which is just great.”

– Logan Hendrickson, Product Marketer

Bottom Line

These marketing initiatives are vastly different in terms of medium, but what makes them powerful is similar.

They all share at least a few of the following traits: scroll-stopping, emotion-evoking, true, and/or timely.

We hope these examples give you the inspiration to do something different. Just remember – make sure it’s genuine and makes sense for your brand. If you do it right, you’ll be catching the eye of marketers in no time!


About the author
Maggie Aland

Maggie is the Senior Director of Go-to Market at Chili Piper. She graduated with a B.S. in Psychology from Tulane University, and has been published in Investopedia, Fundera, and Fit Small Business among others.

With seven years of experience in digital marketing, her primary goal is to create the most helpful resources for growth marketers. Her secondary goal is to get Taylor Swift to agree to a content collaboration.

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