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Marie Lunney

Create Unlimited Meeting Types

Yup - you read that right! We created a default meeting type to get started but we know that's not the only type of meeting you host - some are long, some short, some with customers, some with prospects, etc.

Meeting types are essentially templates for meeting invitations. You can customize the title, details, length, and more! Once you create a meeting type you can apply the template when scheduling through Instant Booker.

To create a new meeting type, click the cog in Instant Booker and then Meeting Types

Click View on the "My meeting" (this is the default meeting we made for you 😉) to customize it.

Use a mix of plain text and dynamic tags to customize and personalize meeting invitations to save you time but still look like you put in the effort to reference whom your meeting with (🤫 it will be our little secret ).

Some helpful info about dynamic tags:

Assignee = You unless you are booking a meeting on behalf of your teammate

Booker = You unless someone else is booking a meeting for you

Prospect = The external guest you're booking with

{!CP.Conference.Details} = This is your zoom/conference link you gave us when signing up or you added under your Personal Details

{!Assignee.Zoom} = This will generate a unique zoom link for each meeting using your integration with Zoom. This is the same for the other conference integrations like GoToMeetings and Webex

{!Meeting.RescheduleURL} = Extremely helpful to allow someone to reschedule the meeting on their own preventing any back and forth and minimizing no-shows

Now add some meeting buffers to block your calendar off to save time for prep work or prevent running late to another meeting when this one runs long.

Repeat this process to set up your commonly used meeting invitations

Create Reminders

Remind your guests ahead of a meeting via email or text to maximize your show rates. Once you set up a reminder you can apply it to any of your meeting types. 

Find the Reminders tab on the left navigation right below Meeting Types

Let's start with an email reminder.

  1. Give it a name (only you will see this, not your guest)
  2. Select which Meeting Types you want to apply it to
  3. Configure the Title of the Email (aka Subject Line) and Body using dynamic tags and text just like you did to create your Meeting Types
  4. Set when you want to send it - We see the most success with 1-minute and 1-hour reminders
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click Create 🎊

If you want to set up text reminders you'll need to set up a text message software like Twilio - see more on that in the next guide "Use Chili Piper With Your Team"

Use Your New Meeting Types

Now when you suggest times or book through Instant Booker you can select your meeting types from the menu to auto-populate the meeting invitation.

Create Your Personal Page

Your Personal Page is a one-stop-shop! You can add a profile picture, social pages, testimonials, customize the colors, and more! Even better - put multiple meeting types on your personal page so bookers can select the right meeting type with you. Your personal page link is the BEST to include in your email signature or to give to prospects/clients to have on hand to book anytime with you.


🥳 Congratulations, You are Now a Wiz at Instant Booker! 🌶

Here are some extra nuggets of knowledge

Book Follow-Up Meetings or Mark No-Shows from Google Calendar

Keep track of who stands you up by using the toggle "Guest attended/No show" in Google Calendar. You can also quickly book a follow-up meeting on the fly, with the same people on your meeting by clicking "Book Again".


Note: These buttons only appear when editing the event. It will not appear in the quick-view when single-clicking the event on your calendar. Open the invite fully to see this option.

Other Places to Open Instant Booker 

Chili Piper is where you need it to be within your flow of work. See where to find Chili Piper in the software below:

Next: Use Chili Piper With Your Team

  • Book on behalf of teammates
  • Automatically create and update leads in Salesforce
  • Standardize meetings across your sales cycle
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