How to Use Chili Piper to Transform The Way You Onboard Customers

You’ve adopted Chili Piper for your sales team. Now you’re wondering if there are other ways to utilize the tool — like improving the way you onboard customers. The answer is yes!

Do you have a Customer Success team? Onboarding/Implementation Team? Perfect. Here is an insider look at how Chili Piper and some of our customers have transformed the way we onboard customers. 

We all know the struggles associated with the handoff process between SDRs to AEs and our desire to make it a better experience for prospects. But shouldn’t that seamless experience continue when they transition to becoming a customer? 

That’s where Chili Piper can step in to assist in your onboarding handoff process. 

Chili Piper can make the handoff from Closed Won Opportunity to Customer Success Manager as easy as 1-2-3!

Customer Onboarding: How We Do It at Chili Piper

Internally at Chili Piper, we segment our onboarding assignments by use case or assign it to the existing owner if we were involved throughout the sales process. We round robin between reps based on use case, bucketing by company size to ensure we evenly distribute the workload.

By creating this workflow in Chili Piper, you can allow your sales reps to close a deal and immediately assign it to the onboarding team, either by sharing a booking link or proposing specific meeting times in an email. Those days where managers needed to assign accounts are over!

Once your customer schedules a kick-off meeting, your AE, Onboarding rep, and Salesforce are all notified. If you use the Case object or Custom Objects in Salesforce to track Onboarding, those meetings can directly relate to that object to help management ensure you don’t let that new customer slip through the cracks.

This not only provides your new customer with a quick, effortless experience, but also keeps things moving. They stay excited and motivated to complete their onboarding – leading to less churn, better relationships with your customers, and more raving fans. 

Your sales reps are also free to move on to closing the next deal – not wasting time managing the handoff process. CS reps can say goodbye to coordinating onboarding manually with customers and CS managers can spend more time helping their reps and less time assigning accounts.

Customer Onboarding: How Other Chili Piper Users Do It

PatientPop is a customer who has perfected this use case! 

PatientPop is the leader in practice growth with the only all-in-one solution that empowers healthcare providers to improve every digital touchpoint of the patient journey. 

They use Chili Piper to automate the handoff process from AE to IM (Implementation Manager) to CSM. 

Below, is a snapshot of the routing rules they’ve created in Chili Piper. They route based on a customer’s medical practice specialty, ensuring they get matched with a rep who is certified to work with their sort of company.

This allows AE’s to close an opportunity, open up our Instant Booker and book directly with the appropriate IM. Bing, Bang, Boom! You’re done.

We then worked with their operations team to configure an even more sophisticated setup that would make sure each CSMs workload was distributed evenly across the team. 

They have configured their Meeting Template to ensure CSMs receive no more than 5 meetings every week. This allows them to focus on providing the best implementation experience possible. 

Through the use of our API references, we were also able to create a flow that removes CSMs from the meeting queue as soon as they hit a limit of 30 accounts in Salesforce. This ensures that no CSM is onboarding more than 30 accounts at once. Pretty nifty, no?

Start transforming the way you onboard customers!

Ready to streamline the handoff process from sales to customer success? Contact your Chili Piper CSM or click here to book a demo.

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