Top Revenue Communities Select Chili Piper as Their Strategic Partner

RevGenius and Modern Sales Pros communities gain industry-leading meeting automation tool to help as pandemic restrictions have decreased the ROI and feasibility of traditional field marketing efforts

NEW YORK, Dec. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Chili Piper, the leader in Meeting Lifecycle Automation, today announced it will provide a version of its meeting automation product to more than 29,000 members of two of the top sales/martech online communities: RevGenius and Modern Sales Pros (MSP). All members of these communities can now access the “Spicy” version of Chili Piper’s meeting automation product line for free.

Learn more about Chili Piper and Meeting Lifecycle Automation at:

“Online communities are on the rise everywhere, and the lion’s share of industry leaders are members of one or another community. We want to help their members better connect with each other (and with their teams, prospects, clients, etc.) through unlimited access to a premium tier of our software offering — specifically the Spicy product line,” said Chili Piper’s Head of Community, Dan Cmejla.

Online communities housed in Slack, email, or specialized softwares are on the rise as pandemic restrictions have decreased the ROI and feasibility of traditional field marketing efforts. Covid-19 has also deprived many of the world’s employees of “watercooler conversations” and the ability to casually access feedback on projects and ideas.

To join RevGenius and/or Modern Sales Pros, visit and

RevGenius co-founders Galem Girmay and Jared Robin have grown a Slack community for sales and marketing management, leadership, and individually-contributing practitioners to 8,000 since June. They believe their community provides a social structure beyond the current, mostly virtual, workplace. Over 2,500 messages and countless thousands of emojis are sent each day among their members via Slack.

“We have helped people find new jobs, get promotions, level up their skill sets, and feel connected to others in the community during a challenging time,” says Jared Robin of RevGenius.

“A community like RevGenius is a very organic way to build new connections and relationships across the board, and we are so happy that Chili Piper is making these connections even easier,” according to RevGenius’s Galem.

Modern Sales Pros, a Google Group and events community, has now grown past 21,000+ members. It was founded to provide an avenue for revenue leadership professionals to share best practices across companies. MSP’s specialization (now on pause) in in-person events hasn’t stymied the desire of professionals to belong in a community.  In fact, the nature of Google Groups means that MSP emails show up across all the inboxes of their subscriber network over 3.5 million times per month.

“Our hope is that other companies follow Chili Piper in providing premium benefits to our community. Much of the development of the science of revenue is coming from communities. If companies like Chili Piper can accelerate that pace of learning, and beyond that, give our members an additional leg up, we’re all in,” says Modern Sales Pros GM Richard Sgro.

Much of the best research and learning in our industry is collaborative, and communities foster the ultimate collaborative environment where practitioners share best practices between companies.

Rather than paying these organizations to syndicate a webinar or hold a digital event for us, Chili Piper is involving itself directly in the fabric of these communities by providing a value-forward offering that genuinely benefits community membership.

“Meetings are the lifeblood of revenues,” said Nicolas Vandenberghe, Chili Piper co-founder and CEO. “Using only Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar to handle them results in lost prospects and wasted time. Meeting Lifecycle Automation has proven to double conversion rates for marketers and save hours of productive time for revenue reps. We’re thrilled to partner with RevGenius and Modern Sales Pros to have their members enjoy the benefits of this new category.”

ChiliPiper Free and Spicy offerings both help revenue professionals automate the process of booking individual or group meetings from a variety of business tools, making it easier to connect with customers:

  • Use Suggested Times to book 13x more meetings with simple one-click scheduling
  • Use Instant Booker to book automated, templated meetings from any screen in seconds
  • Use Smart Email Signatures to offer easy one-click scheduling in every email
  • Use Personal Pages to share your availability and connect with the world

Chili Meeting’s two-way CRM integrations give you ultimate flexibility and control to build custom CRM workflows for specific teams and meeting types:

  • Create new leads and contacts
  • Create new events, related to accounts, cases or opps
  • Track and update meetings held, rescheduled, and cancelled
  • Pull CRM data into dynamic meeting templates and reminders

About Chili Piper Founded in 2016, Chili Piper is the leader in Meeting Lifecycle Automation, with a mission to reinvent the system of action for revenue teams. Chili Piper automates the antiquated processes associated with scheduling, managing, and tracking meetings across the entire customer journey — resulting in increased productivity and conversion rates throughout the funnel.

Companies like Square, Twilio, QuickBooks Intuit, Spotify, and Forrester use Chili Piper to create an amazing experience for their leads, while converting double the amount of leads into held meetings. Chili Piper is a fully distributed company leveraging global talent with employees in 50 cities across 15 countries. To learn more, visit



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