Your RevOps Swipe File For 2022

Andrea Wunderlich

Whether you identify as RevOps, Marketing Ops, Sales Ops, or some yet unknown sector of operations — if you support your company’s go-to-market engine, you’re in the right place. 

B2B tech has become a crowded and complex place. And while that’s presented some exciting opportunities for growth and career paths, it’s also created a plethora of problems that ops people get to solve. 

Luckily, there are a ton of resources available to operations folks these days (which they can totally consume in all their spare time 😉).

Below, we’ve curated a running list of operations resources to add to your marketing swipe file for 2022.

People to follow

There are thousands of Ops professionals and hundreds of content creators who are active on LinkedIn. Here are a few of our go-to’s for advice, inspiration, and the occasional laugh. 

  1. Rosalyn Santa Elena, VP, Global Revenue Operations at Neo4j 

In addition to leading RevOps at Neo4j, Rosalyn is also the host of The Revenue Engine podcast. Recent topics she’s posted about on LinkedIn include revenue predictability, lead routing, and the power of organizations embracing RevOps. 

  1. Kamil Rextin, General Manager at 42/ Agency

Kamil has a background in demand gen, ABM, and marketing operations, so naturally his content gears more towards marketing ops. Kamil also hosts a podcast called /42 where marketing technology topics are discussed. Recent topics on Kamil's LinkedIn include lead scoring, product-led growth, and attribution windows. 

  1. Keith Jones, Manager, GTM Systems at MURAL

In addition to leading GTM systems at MURAL, Keith is active in the Wizards of Ops community and has been featured in their ShOp Talks series. Keith’s recent shOp Talks appearance focused on RevOps trends for 2022. 

  1. Sara McNamara, Senior Manager, Marketing Operations at Slack 

Sara is an active member in B2B communities including Pavillion and Women in Revenue. Sara also regularly shares her experiences with popular marketing technologies like Salesforce, Marketo, Drift, and Leandata. 

  1. Ben Fuller, Director, Internal Systems at OnSolve 

Ben Fuller is an experienced Salesforce administrator who regularly posts about managing Salesforce instances, large-scale ops projects, and what to look for in a Salesforce-specific hire. 

  1. Brad Smith, co-founder and CEO at Sonar

Brad Smith is a co-founder of both Sonar, a change intelligence platform, and Wizards of Ops, a community specifically for RevOps people. Brad frequently appears on webinars and podcasts. Recent topics include sales and marketing alignment and what makes an ideal RevOps candidate. 

  1. Connor Jeffers, CEO at Aptitude 8

Connor is the founder and CEO of Aptitude 8, an agency focused on demand gen strategy and technical RevOps execution. Connor posts technical how-to content and AMA’s for demand gen and RevOps folks. Recent topics include how to build dynamic pages with CMS Hub and the rise of RevOps developers. 

  1. Jeff Ignacio, Sales Operations Lead at Amazon Web Services

Jeff is a Sales Operations Lead for AWS and hosts the Revenue Architect Podcast by SalesIQ. Jeff frequently posts about automation, tech stacks, and how to build a solid GTM function.

"Communities such as Modern Sales Pros and WizOps have always been important but even more so during these last two years. Showing up to a live mixer or event was always challenging with busy schedules, but with the pandemic, these communities became a focal point for social interaction," Jeff shared.  "Not only that, but you're engaging with the brightest minds in your craft. I continue to give back because I know how much more value I'll gain out of it over the long run.”
  1. Marc Belgrave, Startup Growth Advisor 

Marc is a growth advisor for several startups and an active member of multiple RevOps-focused communities. Frequent topics on Marc’s LinkedIn page include tech stack advice, change management, and HubSpot CRM advocacy. 

  1. Asia Corbett, Head of Revenue and Community Operations at RevGenius 

Asia was a RevOps leader and practitioner at organizations including and New Relic before joining the RevGenius team full time. Asia conducts research on her LinkedIn page by polling her following and frequently posts about topics such as women in ops and how to build a successful RevOps career. 

Communities to join 

In the era of dark funnel marketing, communities have sprung up like weeds after a heavy rainfall. The following are a handful of communities with a particular focus on operations topics:

  1. Wizards of Ops

Wizards of Ops is a private slack group for sales and marketing operations people. While there’s no membership fee, you have to apply online and be admitted by an admin. Common topics discussed are Salesforce troubleshooting, career advice, and networking.

  1. Pavillion 

Pavillion, formerly known as Revenue Collective, is a paid membership community for people from all walks of marketing life. They offer courses, certifications, in-person meet-ups, and more. 

"We see a good deal of ops professionals engaging in Pavilion University through Rev Ops School. They also take advantage of our knowledge hub and find mentors who have encountered the types of problems they are facing in their roles. In what was perhaps previously an undervalued function, we are witnessing folks band together to increase their personal knowledge and ultimately raise their own value at their various organizations." -Aaron Leeder, VP of Partnerships & Alliances at Pavillion 
  1. Mo Pros

Mo Pros is a community specifically for marketing operations professionals. They offer free and paid memberships for $10 per month or $100 per year. Common topics discussed are career advice, troubleshooting, and vendor comparisons. 

“Within MO Pros, we see members connecting and collaborating on a variety of topics. The most common topics are about specific Marketing Automation Platforms and Martech capabilities and integrations followed closely by career-related discussions on team-sizing, salary expectations, job opportunities, and overall growth in the role. " "As we continue to grow, I expect to see even more around these topics but perhaps in slightly different mediums. Such as in virtual meetings, panel discussions, and one to many educational courses created by the leaders in the industry.” - Mike Rizzo, Founder of Mo Pros
  1. RevGenius 

RevGenius is a community for marketing, sales, customer success, and ops people. The free version is hosted in Slack, but they offer a paid membership as well known as RevLeague. The paid offering is geared more towards salespeople. 

“Ops people use our community in a few key ways. They learn from one another about best practices in process creation as well as how to best utilize tools to accomplish their goals. They find new hires and opportunities to be hired. They network with other ops-minded people to learn and solve challenges.” -Jared Robin, Co-founder of RevGenius
  1. Growth Ops Community 

The Growth Ops community aims to better align sales, marketing, and customer success teams. The community is free to join in Slack and offers original content covering topics like how to build a growth model and remote team building. 

Content to consume 

Ops people tend to seek out content for two reasons. One: They have a tactical problem they need to solve for. Or two: They’re trying to find ways to free up more time to be able to learn about new trends and ideas. Luckily, the following resources offer both. 

  1. shOps Talk by WizOps 

shOps Talk is a bi-weekly Zoom series hosted by Wizards of Ops featuring a rotating panel of guest speakers. Recent topics include how to build out an ops team and how to incorporate product management principles into RevOps. 

2. Sales Ops Demystifed

Sales Ops Demystified is a podcast hosted by Ebsta that covers more technical topics such as how to automate commission calculations and how to build an intent-based lead scoring model.


Salesforce Ben is a consultancy that puts out excellent content for Salesforce admins and developers. The blog covers technical topics related to SFDC administration as well as training resources for certifications. 

Now that Ops roles are expanding in SaaS, resources for operations people are becoming more widely available. 

Wanna learn how Chili Piper helps RevOps practitioners automate their routing and booking workflows? 

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About the author
Andrea Wunderlich

Andrea Wunderlich works in market intelligence and strategy. A former SDR, she understands first-hand the problems that Chili Piper solves — and the power of the Inbound Conversion movement. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and fur-kids.

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